Communication Quotes - Page 5

communication solve many issues create many new ideas
Communication quotes 56
The only way to connect with someone you love is through communication, so make time to speak as much as possible.
communication quotes 55
Keep your ears open when someone talks to you or else your eyes will be blinded by inappropriate thoughts.
communication quotes 54
Even though we are living in a world full of automated machines, still there is no replacement for communication that leads to a happy relationship.
communication quotes 53
The outstanding quality that makes a good speaker is listing out all the points before you start to communicate.
communication quotes 52
Do not underrate someone who tells you a lot about their past and the struggles they faced, maybe you will get some ideas about your plans.
communication quotes 51
When there is no trust, all the spoken words will go worthless, so I choose to save my words.
communication quotes 50
If someone trusts you then you need not put too much effort to make them understand you, just an eye expression could communicate better.
communication quotes 49
The purpose of communication is to resolve the misunderstanding, so make sure your words should not hurt your opponent.
communication quotes 48
The happiest children are grown up with approachable parents, who talk to their children and know their needs more often.
communication quotes 47
Language is just a bridge between people to communicate, so do not create a diversity relevant to language.
communication quotes 46
I always wonder about the sweetest relationship between my parents and now I could understand that communication is the key to happy living.
communication quotes 45
Communicate with me instead of gossiping about me with others. Because I know myself better than others do.
communication quotes 44
Do not imagine low about me and my problems, if you want a clarification only I could explain them to you.
communication quotes 43
Some people never give an ear to the opponent, and the communication problems start, so make sure to hear before your speak.
communication quotes 42
If a relationship spoils for no reason, then there must be one reason: lack of communication.
communication quotes 41
Communication is our right but we should never use it as a weapon to harm someone’s integrity.
communication quotes 40
Ignorance and lack of communication can never lead to a better stage of life.
communication quotes 39
The biggest hindrance between the plan and its execution is the fear and lack of communication.
communication quotes 38
Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire of our relationship burning.
communication quotes 37
The most important factor that defines a person’s character is his way of communicating with different class of people.
communication quotes 36
One of the most important skill of communication is paying attention and providing value to other’s opinion.
communication quotes 35
Communication can be our fortune to success if do it respectfully and pay attention to other’s opinion.
communication quotes 34
Most of the things that we communicate must come from our mind because words, once spoken, can’t be taken back.
communication quotes 33
The first and the most important checkpoint of communication is to get people’s attention.
communication quotes 32
A one-way communication is just like walking with only one shoe.
communication quotes 31
The first step to change our society is to change the way we communicate.
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