Computer stands for Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. It is comparable to robots in that it can perform any task on its own. Charles Babbage designed the computer. It accepts input and produces output. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the computer's brain. A CPU is capable of handling many more complicated applications than a simple calculator. The three primary types of memory are RAM, ROM, and cache. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of memory that only stores data temporarily. ROM stands for read-only memory, and as the name implies, you can only read the data; however, the data is saved permanently.

Here are some computers quotes to improve your tech knowledge

Computers Quotes

Computers are evolving faster than humans, as there are no houses without computers now.
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Some people think that the future depends on computers but the real future depends on humanity.
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What makes a computer superior to a human? A computer can never be hurt by feelings.
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Instead of surfing the internet with useless pieces of stuff, simply turn off the computer and do some exercises.
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Before buying a computer I thought that I could be a master of it, but now I realize it is suppressing my brain.
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The one reason that I trust my computer more than my friends is - It will do only the things I command.
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Computer viruses are far better than human viruses among us that easily kill others' hearts.
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Do you know a secret about computers? They follow Newton’s law, when you give input, you will get the relevant output without any change in force.
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I want my computer to exchange memory with me, as I wish to permanently delete a few people from my mind.
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You are not going to be a billionaire overnight, so shut down your computer and eat your ice cream before it melts down.
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Knowing all computer programs and coding is not going to make you a better human, instead, your behaviors towards others will do.
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The world now created a fact that a man without computer knowledge is nothing, but it is not true as it is just a machine to lessen human efforts.
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I often end up in failed programs on my computers, but it is okay even though some human beings are not even able to understand my comments.
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I am not going to make research about the father of computers, all I could do is send my regards where ever he is.
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Why do I love my computer more than loving myself? Because my memory is weak and poor in calculation.
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The belief that technology would prevent mistakes is widespread. They're in error. You make mistakes more quickly on computers.
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I think the most amazing tool we've ever created is what a computer is.
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Remember that computers are machines if you don't know anything about them... yet frequently wow you in the end.
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When viewed through the eyes of those who didn't comprehend them, computers may almost pass like pictures.
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The true threat is not that men will start thinking like computers, but rather that computers will start thinking like men.
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If two top software developers agree on anything, that constitutes a majority in that room of experts.
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Posting a mistake and waiting for corrections on Usenet is the greatest way to receive accurate information.
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I understand how to enjoy every moment of my existence. However, let's talk later, when I've finished playing some video games.
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Folks typically associate computer scientists with people who wear thick glasses and pocket protectors and who code all night.
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In computer science, the objective is to create something that will operate at least until we are finished with it.
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The way we learn will be revolutionized by computers and yet-to-be-created software.
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In any case, none of these electronic devices are useful. They merely overload your mind with numbers, which can't be good for you.
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