Love can at times be puzzling and often you get the answers through the deep confused love quotes like we are about to share today.


We utter the word love so many times in one day that it has almost lost its meaning on earth. In our daily life, love connotes intercourse, marriage, break-up, patch-up, and divorce. Love was never meant to be a part of any of those terms. It speaks for itself so clearly. Einstein said that love is a better teacher than duty. But today, whatever be the term we use to extrapolate love in our life has become a burden and responsibility.


To speak the truth, Love needs no explanation for one to understand it. One perceives it in the heart without any words but with all the emotions. It never binds you in a relationship but sets your heart free. It can be one’s support for life and happiness. 


Today you,ll come upon the best deep confused love quotes-


  1. Love is not the union of bodies, it is the union of souls, opinions, taste, perception, and hearts.
  2. If ‘love is blind’ is a cliche, let’s make it ‘love sees no gender’
  3. When you love someone, you need not make love to the person. Love flows in the absence and radiates into the world when close together
  4.  When you know she loves you but you are an incredible friend to her; brace yourself, your heart is about to be broken.
  5. Sex is one of the million dimensions of love. Love will still stand firm without it.
  6. Thinking you own the person’s heart is the very start of something that cannot be love.
  7. Love isn’t a commodity to be returned and consumed. When you love someone, it is on you. If the person does not love you back, it is on you alone.
  8. Love is like air, you know it is there, you feel it, cannot live without it, has no color, and is the same for everyone.

Confused Love Quotes