Cooking Quotes - Page 2

A good food does not require a good chef it only requires a kind hearted person
Cooking Quotes 119
Always be kind to the person who is providing you food to eat
Cooking Quotes 118
Never complain your mom about the meal she has prepared for you because she has prepared it by her love towards you
Cooking Quotes 117
Always try to make good friends and eat good food
Cooking Quotes 116
There are many people in this world who even don’t get a small bit of food so don’t waste a small bit of food
Cooking Quotes 115
Always don’t try to go for quantity food always try to go for quality food
Cooking Quotes 114
Always remember god and your loved when you are eating alone
Cooking Quotes 113
Don’t even eat a single bite of food from someone who don’t likes you
Cooking Quotes 112
Don’t complain about the meal to your parents because to earn that meal they have rubbed themselves throughout the day
Cooking Quotes 111
Don’t ever complain about the meal in front of you because someone in the other part of the world is even not getting that
Cooking Quotes 110
If you are too tired then don’t eat at that time because its right time your body wants to intake anything
Cooking Quotes 109
Always eat while being silent
Cooking Quotes 108
A vehicle requiring fuel is similar to the man requiring a good meal
Cooking Quotes 107
A good dinner is the best way to end your day
Cooking Quotes 106
Be always kind with your food and the people you love
Cooking Quotes 105
Always not think about filling your tummy because if you share your food it will give you more relaxation
Cooking Quotes 104
Never eat in your bed or when you are standing
Cooking Quotes 103
A cook always knows the right combination of ingredients
Cooking Quotes 102
A good flavor in any dish comes from the heart of a cook.
Cooking Quotes 101
You don’t need to be a chef to cook good food.
Cooking Quotes 100
Life is like a well-balanced food, with the correct amount of tanginess
Cooking Quotes 99
Everyone can look, but only some can be taken the heart.
Cooking Quotes 98
Learn from mistakes applies to all, look, make a floppy dish with no problems! Learn from it.
Cooking Quotes 97
Cut slice and dice, or chop it off.
Cooking Quotes 96
Enjoying the art of cooking, with a good amount of music
Cooking Quotes 95
Cooking is a therapy that heals the mind
Cooking Quotes 94
Tasting is an important part of cooking, without tasting the food we cannot connect it.
Cooking Quotes 93