Corruption Quotes - It is a terrible virus that has potential to destroy a nation's entire civilization as well as its original development. Officers of the law, teachers, government officials, judges, politicians, and corporate offices are all involved. Graft, kickbacks, theft, fraud, and a variety of other teams are all used to describe corruption. Corruption has a direct impact on the quality of life of its residents, as well as on the country's progressive nature and democratic system.


Corruption also stifles investment in infrastructure, commercial market development, and the creation of a trustworthy legal system. It is a gradual process that is destroying the nation's society and economy as well . Illiteracy, increased levels of bureaucracy, and a lack of social and economic fairness are all factors that contribute to corruption.


Petty corruption refers to corruption that occurs on a smaller scale. Grand corruption refers to the amount of money made by corruption by MNC owners, landlords, and capitalists. Politicians and high-ranking government officials take use of corruption to advance their careers.


Below are some quotes about corruption.

Corruption Quotes

Corruption is a small word that brings a greater trust issue towards our government.
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If every youth dares to question back people who initiate corruption, then we will live in a corruption-free nation one day.
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Rebellions break up when people need something for them, and I feel it is also a form of corruption and the rebellions are taking place through big brains.
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If you want a corruption-free nation, then stop giving donations for the admission of your children to schools and colleges.
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During your leisure time do not corrupt your mind by gossiping, instead, read a good book and learn something new.
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My neighbor complains a lot about corruption and I wonder how he accepted the bribe sent by the politicians asking for voting.
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I want to start a media to telecast people the advantages of being loyal and living with ethics and the disadvantages of living in a society with corruption.
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I faced the first step of corruption starting at my nearest grocery store where the man shopkeeper sells products more than the MRP price.
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The bitter truth is we are living in a democratic country where corruption rules all the powerful ministers.
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Power corrupts the mind, so whenever you get a chance to be powerful, never turn your eyes toward wealthy people.
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Make corruptions and steal money from the rich people, as poor people have nothing left in their pocket.
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The most incurable disease that is ruining our economy is corruption and there is no medicine to treat it.
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Politicians today have no ethics, there is corruption everywhere and the worst thing is the government is showing blind eyes toward them.
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They should have named those papers as corruption instead of money, as there is no place in this world available without corruption where there is money.
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My biggest life goal is to make our nation corruption free and make it a beautiful place for our future generation to live.
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An ordinary man lives get affected from the corruption.
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When rules are break continuously corruption persist.
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Corruption is not compulsory, it's your choice to be corrupt or not.
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Where there is more laws, there is more corruption as well.
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If corruption is virus then transparency is vaccine.
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The rules should be followed not corrupt them.
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Corrupt should be punished to foundation a corruption free democracy.
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Money is become the power to break the rules, This is the way of corrupt fools.
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Don't be the part of corrupt society, abolish this and make a beautiful society.
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We have to abolish the corruption, we have to start this procedure.
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The poor don't sell themselves and make shame the corrupts.
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Don't ever sell your conscience, this is the part of corruption.
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