Corruption Quotes - It is a terrible virus that has potential to destroy a nation's entire civilization as well as its original development. Officers of the law, teachers, government officials, judges, politicians, and corporate offices are all involved. Graft, kickbacks, theft, fraud, and a variety of other teams are all used to describe corruption. Corruption has a direct impact on the quality of life of its residents, as well as on the country's progressive nature and democratic system.


Corruption also stifles investment in infrastructure, commercial market development, and the creation of a trustworthy legal system. It is a gradual process that is destroying the nation's society and economy as well . Illiteracy, increased levels of bureaucracy, and a lack of social and economic fairness are all factors that contribute to corruption.


Petty corruption refers to corruption that occurs on a smaller scale. Grand corruption refers to the amount of money made by corruption by MNC owners, landlords, and capitalists. Politicians and high-ranking government officials take use of corruption to advance their careers.


Below are some quotes about corruption.

Corruption Quotes

You just kick out corruption, development will respect our feet
Corruption Quotes 93
Corruption started from society not an individual But it's end with every individual in the society
Corruption Quotes 92
Corruption is one way dangerous path Just stay away from it
Corruption Quotes 91
Yes I'm king of my own world Because I'm anti-corruptionist in my world
Corruption Quotes 90
Corruption is disease it will spread slowly In the society
Corruption Quotes 89
Corruption makes our nation dirty You should responsible to clean it
Corruption Quotes 88
Anti corruption is the mandra for a development "Nation" you just made for the "Mandra" of anti-corruption.
Corruption Quotes 87
A small corruption will spoil the institution to large
Corruption Quotes 86
Fight against the correction To win the battle of our nation development
Corruption Quotes 85
Corruption strats from society Anti-corruption strats from you
Corruption Quotes 84
Intelligence people no need to be corrupted Corruption is paid only foolish people
Corruption Quotes 83
Corruption not a individual problem Its a nation's problem
Corruption Quotes 82
I'm anti-corruptionist because I'm avoiding corrupted Myself
Corruption Quotes 81
Fight against corruption to win the battle of. Development and progress of nation's .
Corruption Quotes 80
You think that corruption makes the life But remember it can destroy whole life at end
Corruption Quotes 79
Power tends to corrupt absolutely
Corruption Quotes 78
A man think that corruption is power But they don't know corruption destroy our power
Corruption Quotes 77
Corruption is like a ball once, its set is fast rolling. It must Increasing.
Corruption Quotes 76
People think that corruption is power But they don't know the real power of transparency
Corruption Quotes 75
Who are those find corruption They should clean themselves
Corruption Quotes 74
Fight corruption bring progression of our country
Corruption Quotes 73
Corruption is defect of our country The only cure is transparency
Corruption Quotes 72
You think that corruption makes everything But remember it can spoil everything at end
Corruption Quotes 71
True love makes life happy Corrupted love makes life
Corruption Quotes 70
You think that corruption make But remember it can spoil everything at end
Corruption Quotes 69
No one can mix the poison in our drink But why mix the corruption is everything in our life
Corruption Quotes 68
Corruption is the black dot of the white paper
Corruption Quotes 67