The choice and willingness to face agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation is known as Courage or bravery. Physical bravery is the ability to act rightly in the face of public opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss, whereas moral courage is the ability to behave rightly in the face of public opposition, humiliation, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

Fear and confidence in the context of bravery. The success of a bold act or aim can be determined by fear and confidence in relation to courage. They can be thought of as separate variables in courage, and their interaction has the potential to influence how we react to fear. Furthermore, the confidence being discussed here is self-confidence; confidence in one's ability to recognize one's own skills and abilities, as well as the ability to know when to fight fear and when to avoid it.

Courage Quotes for being courageous is given below

Courage Quotes

Being courageous does not necessarily mean to be staying out of fear. It means to hold the fears inside and overcome them.
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When you decide to forgive the one who hurt you to the worst - you’re courageous then.
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To be courageous, one must possess the knowledge to know the good and bad in every stuff and to act accordingly by overcoming the odds.
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It is easy to choose your life path, but it needs a lot of patience and courage to move on through the same path.
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Don’t ever dare to hurt anyone as you are courageous. Your courage has nothing to do with their honor, so treat people with integrity.
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No wonder a woman can do whatever she aims for, as the real victory starts with the courage of deciding bigger life things.
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I really don’t want to follow so-called tradition or fashion, I just want to create my own trend in everything - Don’t call me insane because I’m courageous.
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A person whose voice rises is not the one who has courage, instead, the person who listens to other people with respect is the real courageous one.
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At a certain point in life, now I realized that watching a horror movie at midnight is not courageous but being selfish is the real courage.
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You can either roam around and explore the world or can shut yourself inside a small circle and the choice depends on your courage.
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To make your mind and soul free from dirt and walk away, you must have the courage to shut your ears to the people who dirt your mind.
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No steps in life would move forward without courage, even an infant must be courageous to get up and walk.
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There is a lot of gap between being courageous and being with kindness. Do not mess with your kindness in terms of courage.
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If someone says that they are courageous, do not consider that they are out of fear. Everyone must have fear of something or someone.
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If you want to be courageous the first step is to let go of the fear of your weakness both physically and mentally.
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Anyone Who Has Decided ‘ I Would Do , Can Overcome Any Difficulties.
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Whatever Things I Do, I Have Been Criticized By People. But What Is Wrong In Doing What I Feel Right In My Mind.
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If You Have Confidence In You, Then Only You Can Take Others In Your Belief.
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If You Do Something Which You Feel Can't Do, It Can Become A Turning Point Of Your Life.
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Only An Optimistic Believer Can Find Hopes And Aspirations In The Face Of Hardships And Challenges.
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If The Feeling Of Failure And Sadness, Overcome You, Remember, You Will Never Materialize Your Dreams In Life.
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It Is Your Life. You May Be Put To Test, Defeated, Discarded. But It Is Men,You Must Face It With Calm And Composure, Overcome, Succeed And Go Up The Pedestal Of Prosperity.
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It Is The Courage To Do Things That Matters. Wars Waged So Far Has Been Won By Dauntless Courage And Bravery Exhibited By Warriors.
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History Has Proved That The Bravery And Courage In Wars Have Saved The Lives Of Millions Of Life. It Is Not Charity Or Sympathy.
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You Feel And Understand Your Weakness, When You Have Sorrows And Isolation In Your Life.
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Courage And Determination Are The Driving Force Of Success, Both In Life And War.
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It Is The Courage To Follow Your Dreams Is The Courage Required Of Everyone. If It Is Applied In Anyone’s Life, It Can Be A Cornerstone Of Success.
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