The choice and willingness to face agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation is known as Courage or bravery. Physical bravery is the ability to act rightly in the face of public opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss, whereas moral courage is the ability to behave rightly in the face of public opposition, humiliation, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

Fear and confidence in the context of bravery. The success of a bold act or aim can be determined by fear and confidence in relation to courage. They can be thought of as separate variables in courage, and their interaction has the potential to influence how we react to fear. Furthermore, the confidence being discussed here is self-confidence; confidence in one's ability to recognize one's own skills and abilities, as well as the ability to know when to fight fear and when to avoid it.

Courage Quotes for being courageous is given below

Courage Quotes

The words of art and heart comes out only if you are brave enough.
Courage Quotes 71
You can see the light only when you are brave enough to burn.
Courage Quotes 70
You can't be happy always even sad always but you can be brave always
Courage Quotes 69
Life is like a battle you need to keep on fighting till death and to fight you must be brave.
Courage Quotes 68
Failure is the first step of success but being brave to do it again is the next step
Courage Quotes 67
Bravery is the first step of any achievement along with the talent.
Courage Quotes 66
Bravery means destruction it destroys fear but too much of it destroys other things also.
Courage Quotes 65
Bravery is the one which makes people talented and strong both physically and mentally
Courage Quotes 64
Many people have the talent but doesn't have the courage to exhibit it.
Courage Quotes 63
The one thing which is common among all great achievers is bravery, you need to be brave to achieve something.
Courage Quotes 62
Being brave matters a lot when you succeed but when you fail leave about bravery even you won't matter.
Courage Quotes 61
Always be brave with your mind and be careful with your heart.
Courage Quotes 60
Don't dream to be brave, Be brave to reach your dream.
Courage Quotes 59
Coward is not the one who doesn't have bravery he is the one who doesn't believes he's brave.
Courage Quotes 58
There is a very thin line and a slight margin between being brave and being stupid.
Courage Quotes 57
Never forget you were born because of your mother's courage even though she knew that you would give pain she had courage to withstand it.
Courage Quotes 56
Stupid people uses bravery to tell lies while wise people uses bravery to accept the truth.
Courage Quotes 55
Only brave rock can turn into beautiful sculpture and only brave people can turn into great people.
Courage Quotes 54
I can be brave in my life but not in front of my wife
Courage Quotes 53
You can't live without fear but for living you need to have some courage
Courage Quotes 52
To be true to yourself you need to have some courage.
Courage Quotes 51
You can save tomorrow by being brave today.
Courage Quotes 50
Only brave people exists even after being in grave
Courage Quotes 49
You need to be sharp to escape from the problem but to face it you need to have courage.
Courage Quotes 48
Being brave can change you can do it to you did it.
Courage Quotes 47
As vehicle needs fuel to move forward we need courage to move forward.
Courage Quotes 46
Courage has the power to rise your blood pressure but be careful it can even stop it.
Courage Quotes 45