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What is meant by craziness?

It's nothing but being mad, wild, or erratic behavior or nature.

Being crazy is good or bad?

When crazy people set goals for themselves, they aren’t concerned with the “what if” possibility of failure. For them, there is no plan “B” because plan “A” will absolutely work.

While normal people are paralyzed by the fear of failure, the crazy ones saddle up and ride anyways. To them, failure is a word with no meaning. This ability to seemingly disregard the fear of failure is why the crazy ones are more likely to succeed.

The need to be authentic is the need to be different from everybody else. Crazy people develop their own sense of style and paint the portrait of life exactly the way they see it.

This ability to be original has seen many crazies achieve success by developing life skills that normal people would call a bad habit or simply absurd.

For example, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are known to wear the same type of outfit every day. Billionaire Warren Buffett collects an annual salary of $100,000 dollars and has pledged 99% of his wealth to charity.

No matter what type of person you are, it is easy to recognize others of like mind.

Crazies all over the world have begun a revolution to find other crazies. They almost seem to be drawn to inventions, ideas and other individuals born a little crazy.

They see the genius in what normal people have written off as abnormal and are often the early adopters of all the great new trends and technologies.

The idea of being able to brainstorm with others who think as differently as you do gives you a greater chance of success. Crazy’s challenge one another’s beliefs

Crazy friendship quotes

To me, being “crazy” was always a compliment. It meant you were wild, free-spirited, unpredictable, but in a non-destructive way.

The depths of your mind and personality were more far-reaching than other “normal” people. You weren’t like anyone else. You held your own personal excitement.

Crazy friends make the bestfriends. They’re the ones who stand out, whose shared memories are always two parts fun and one part completely horrifying.

Crazy relationship quotes

Being in love is like existing on another plane. When you are truly and deeply in love with someone, it's as if there is no one else in the whole world other than the two of you.

It makes you feel as though no one understands you as well as your partner does. It might sound cheesy, but when you only have heart eyes for that one special person, you really do feel like sappy, "I love you like crazy".

Being so in love makes you feel like you can accomplish anything life throws at you. It doesn't matter if there are obstacles in life or if you can't always be that happy-go-lucky person you want to be; love makes you feel like all the bad in life is possible to overcome.

But even when you are completely and overwhelmingly in love, saying those three words isn’t always easy. Some find it to be nothing but a curse. But there are other ways to say “I love you” without actually saying it.

Crazy Quotes

Don’t run towards success have a craziness instead that will let you towards perfection
Crazy quotes 23
The madness is the only option to drive towards the wisdom of life
Crazy quotes 22
To achieve something no need to be brave little craziness on it leads better
Crazy quotes 21
Own craziness and let your mind own it but not the craziness to own you
Crazy quotes 20
Don’t let your craziness down your values and dreams let it be the secret of success
Crazy quotes 19
I love you because of your craziness as it owns my life of love
Crazy quotes 18
Don’t judge your life with crazy fantasies, because life is an unpredictable judgment
Crazy quotes 17
Have you ever felt crazy about life then you are enjoying it unconditionally
Crazy quotes 16
Be the person of the answer instead of being a crazy question in life
Crazy quotes 15
Don’t be crazy on others to spoil you, rather have a craze on achievement
Crazy quotes 14
I wish he would wake up in the morning and come to me to fight, who are you to come to my dreams every night.
crazy quotes 13
I still see your pictures secretly, the truth is, you are still beautiful.
crazy quotes 12
You always keep smiling, keep laughing, keep singing, keep blooming, what do I care? People will find you crazy.
crazy quotes 11
Remove this fuckn'g heart from my chest, it is the one who always say 'I love you' , 'I love you', 'I love you'
crazy quotes 10
They say to gain something, you have to lose something. I don't understand what people must have lost that they found me.
crazy quotes 9
Don't build Taj Mahal, it will not be easy, but make Mumtaz to every girl you see.
crazy quotes 8
Leaving study play 'PUBG', and after that when you don't get the job be ready to sell 'SUNG'
crazy quotes 7
He is crazy among fools who think that there is happiness in this world.
crazy quotes 6
He is falling in love with me again, if I had not opened my eyes, he would have become mine.
crazy quotes 5
Khichdi' is a dish which is cooked more in people's minds then in their kitchen.
crazy quotes 4
Be as crazy as a monkey but always remember your responsibility and never cross the line
crazy quotes 3
Some people are crazy about certain things. So never be crazy about anything. It is normal that you have to be confident in life and don't be crazy and enjoy life.
crazy quotes 2
Sometimes we get crazy for someone or for something. It is very nice to have such craziness for someone. It is very good time have craziness for someone.
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