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When a layman thinks of creativity, formal education pops into his head. But creativity involves the imagination of the curious human minds and our mind does not need formal education to function creatively. In fact it is the process of deep thinking and diving into a world of unrealities. And abstracting those obscure ideas. To the contrary of which is applauded later by the people around.


It’s amazing how human brains are full with an artistic bent of mind that produces millions of ideas every other day. More than that, the art of creativity applies in every field. To mention a few - a student in his art class, a musician delving into producing a new rhythm, a marketer trying to hit a new marketing strategy and so on.


Here are the best creativity quotes to inspire you.


  1. Before anyone had been to space, someone imagined himself in there. Let your ward flow into imagination, dear parents.
  2. Creativity doesn’t run in families; it runs in minds full of mistakes.
  3. Creativity is the sibling of mistakes, and their mother is imagination.
  4. A creative mind never settles because it has an innovative version of the perfect product.
  5. Creativity is measured in errors. The more mistakes you make, the more creative you get.
  6. Creativity happens the very moment you drop the word perfect.
  7. Creative people never quit; they think of every problem as a solution to an earlier one.
  8. Intelligent people arrive at the solution of a problem, creative people have ten solutions to one problem but the result is not what an average person likes.
  9. Creativity does not age, it fades with the fading imagination.
  10. All inventors have been creative people, they thought what an average person cannot perceive.
  11. A creative person dismantles perfectionism and produces a masterpiece.

Creativity Quotes