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When a layman thinks of creativity, formal education pops into his head. But creativity involves the imagination of the curious human minds and our mind does not need formal education to function creatively. In fact it is the process of deep thinking and diving into a world of unrealities. And abstracting those obscure ideas. To the contrary of which is applauded later by the people around.


It’s amazing how human brains are full with an artistic bent of mind that produces millions of ideas every other day. More than that, the art of creativity applies in every field. To mention a few - a student in his art class, a musician delving into producing a new rhythm, a marketer trying to hit a new marketing strategy and so on.


Here are the best creativity quotes to inspire you.


  1. Before anyone had been to space, someone imagined himself in there. Let your ward flow into imagination, dear parents.
  2. Creativity doesn’t run in families; it runs in minds full of mistakes.
  3. Creativity is the sibling of mistakes, and their mother is imagination.
  4. A creative mind never settles because it has an innovative version of the perfect product.
  5. Creativity is measured in errors. The more mistakes you make, the more creative you get.
  6. Creativity happens the very moment you drop the word perfect.
  7. Creative people never quit; they think of every problem as a solution to an earlier one.
  8. Intelligent people arrive at the solution of a problem, creative people have ten solutions to one problem but the result is not what an average person likes.
  9. Creativity does not age, it fades with the fading imagination.
  10. All inventors have been creative people, they thought what an average person cannot perceive.
  11. A creative person dismantles perfectionism and produces a masterpiece.

Creativity Quotes

Creativity does not make things complicated. It makes complex things simple
Creativity Quotes 45
Creative people live out of this world. They live in their imagination which takes them to a different world.
Creativity Quotes 44
Creativity has no rules. It doesn't follow any rule. It creates new rules every time
Creativity Quotes 43
Everyone on this planet sees, hears and experiences the same things but creative people are the ones who make something good out of them.
Creativity Quotes 42
Creativity comes from being unconventional. Do not be afraid to break the norms and curve your own path.
Creativity Quotes 41
Creativity is wasted unless it is used to make people's life easier and more convenient.
Creativity Quotes 40
Creativity comes from experience. If you don't know how things are done, you will not know how to do them differently.
Creativity Quotes 39
Artists have the courage to follow their heart and intuition. That is what makes them so creative
Creativity Quotes 38
You can never be creative if you cannot think out of the box
Creativity Quotes 37
If you observe nature, you would realize how creative god was in making it.
Creativity Quotes 36
You don't need to look anywhere else to inspire your creative side other than nature.
Creativity Quotes 35
Creativity has no past or future. It only has present
Creativity Quotes 34
Creativity comes from your passion. If you love something deeply, you can think differently
Creativity Quotes 33
True creativity lies in its uniqueness, quirkiness and attractiveness
Creativity Quotes 32
Every great idea seems absurd at first. If your idea is absurd, that means it is original.
Creativity Quotes 31
Just put on your thinking caps and bring out your creativity. Remember, the solutions to your all your problems reside in your head.
Creativity Quotes 30
Creativity lies in finding out a way to do something that seems impossible
Creativity Quotes 29
People are fascinated by novelty and freshness. You can reveal new facets of yourself every day for the people to enjoy. All you need is to unleash your creativity.
Creativity Quotes 28
Our creativity has more power than we can imagine. We can transform the world with our creativity.
Creativity Quotes 27
Knowledge and intelligence is wasted if it is not used to create something new and innovative.
Creativity Quotes 26
Creativity never gets exhausted. Only the desire for creation wears out.
Creativity Quotes 25
A great piece of art cannot be created in a hurry. Art and creativity require investment of time.
Creativity Quotes 24
Artists take inspiration from everything around them to enhance their creativity.
Creativity Quotes 23
Creative people are good at calculations. They know to create new things by connecting the dots. They understand how one thing is related to another.
Creativity Quotes 22
Your imagination is the fruit of the tree of your creativity.
Creativity Quotes 21
Creativity does not create new things. It just presents things in a new way.
Creativity Quotes 20
Creativity arises out of a desire to do something new.
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