Curiosity Quotes - The word define about the desire to know about the things, to learn new things and to know how to work on it. It is a glaring in several forms, weather it a craving to read novel, watching television or what is going in other life. Curiosity is an expression or utterance to learn and grasp facts and knowledge. It gives opportunity to widen the mind-set to grasp the knowledge.

Human curiosity quotes inspires individual to know more about the different topics. It creates craving in the mind to know detail information, what tickling in the mind. It is very important to be curious in life. Meanwhile, it is another way to get success in life. It creates an urge to achieve best in the life. Once, you become keen or curious you start asking questions, start learning from others and look forward to improvise yourself.

Intellectual curiosity plays an important role to keep mind sharp and energetic. It is important at the every stage of life. It encourage and inspires the mind to keep young and enthusiastic .

Here are few, quotes below and its importance, which will give vision to the topic-

Curiosity Quotes

I realized that my curiosity about life has ended by the comfort am having in the present life, I just want to freeze this comfort for the rest of my life.
curiosity quotes 58
Challenging the hard things in life is bravery and the intention of getting success in the challenges is possible only through curiosity.
curiosity quotes 60
To love someone seriously, you must be curious to know about their everyday habits, or else the relationship would be a real mess.
curiosity quotes 50
Like other mothers, I don’t want to know my baby's gender before birth as I just want to be curious until the due date.
curiosity quotes 51
The youths today are not curious about their future, and they need a class to get trained on how to be curious.
curiosity quotes 53
I preferred mathematics as my main subject not because of curiosity just because the fees were less than in other departments.
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To overcome lust and to get conquered by real affection, you must know to get rid of the curiosity about the tiny pleasures.
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Be curious about the incidents that happen around you, as it is better than being judgemental.
curiosity quotes 59
To be curious about the future is a sign that you dearly want to live your life to the fullest.
curiosity quotes 46
I wish I could overcome the curiosity about meeting you and I just want to erase those bad days of my life.
curiosity quotes 57
Being curious about yourself and your life is a simple thing but being curious about other’s life is quite complicated, so skip that kind of curiosity.
curiosity quotes 56
I loved curiosity until my 4-year-old started to ask me 100 questions a day out of curiosity.
curiosity quotes 47
I am curious about all the little things around me, I just want to research all of the things about how they exist and how they got a life.
curiosity quotes 49
Holding secrets is a big art, many people can’t master the art and the reason for them getting failed is their curiosity.
curiosity quotes 55
I choose to be curious instead of brave as I trust curiosity is more powerful than bravery.
curiosity quotes 52
Curiosity is the weapon of mind. It cannot be stolen; it flows in its own way. Use it wisely.
Curiosity quotes 45
Before you learn, be awake. With awareness comes curiosity. It’s unique with all.
Curiosity quotes 44
One strange thing about curiosity is that you need not have any reasons to be curious. It has its own reason for existence.
Curiosity quotes 43
Curiosity is the root of science. It’s the hunger of human mind.
Curiosity quotes 42
Life is never boring to an individual who is curious about knowing little things in a crazy way.
Curiosity quotes 41
Curiosity begins when the urge to know something desperate and a powerful force emerges to unravel the workings.
Curiosity quotes 40
Science is growing not because of technology but because of the endless curiosity of scientist mind.
Curiosity quotes 39
Clever people have less curiosity about people and more about ideas. Logical curiosity is the super power.
Curiosity quotes 38
Exploration is a part of human kind and curiosity is the essence of human nature. Be willing to take both.
Curiosity quotes 37
Mind with a constant curiosity is the mind with never ending search for knowledge.
Curiosity quotes 36
Be curious but not judgmental. It’s lust of the mind from where ideas arise.
Curiosity quotes 35
Curiosity kills ignorance. Rather it is willingness and eagerness.
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