Cute Love Quotes - Love is an emotion that everyone of us can relate to. From the puppy love you experience when you are an adolescent to the love you feel when you have found your soulmate, every stage has its unique charm. In case you want to express this connection with words, some cute love quotes are exactly what you need.

Here are some cute love quotes to make you feel cherished:


  • I tried to remember how long I had been thinking about you and then it struck me – it never stopped. You’ve been on my mind since the very moment I first caught sight of you.
  • The best love is the one which awakens the soul; which makes us reach for more, which ignites the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.
  • A perfect love is nothing but two, dedicated, passionate people willing to put the time and effort into building a relationship that might just turn out to be one of the best love stories that the world has ever witnessed.



Cute Love Quotes

I don’t want a fairy tale story with a diamond ring. I just need a walk on the roadside where people admire our smiles.
Cute love quotes 55
The combination of you and me is a like see-saw. I don’t mind going down to see you raise.
Cute love quotes 54
I might not be lucky to be your first love but I promise to be your last.
Cute love quotes 53
It was cute when you took my hands to cross the roads than to kiss.
Cute love quotes 52
I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to share, all the walks I want take and all the songs I want to hear with you.
Cute love quotes 51
You are my sunshine all day and light in my darkness. You show me rainbows when I cry. I love you.
Cute love quotes 50
I don’t want a perfect boyfriend. I just need someone who enjoys the little things and accepts me the way I am.
Cute love quotes 49
It’s not about with whom you have spent more time, but who created moments to cherish.
Cute love quotes 48
Love is not just about romantic dinners but about fighting together in the storm
Cute love quotes 47
It was when our souls spoke in silence; my heart fell in love the way you are.
Cute love quotes 46
In a sky of stars my eyes will always search of you. In our countless fights I would search for reasons to hold you back
Cute love quotes 45
Before I met you I never had a clue that I would miss someone this badly.
Cute love quotes 44
Thinking of you I never fall asleep. Dreaming of you I never wake up.
Cute love quotes 43
My eyes sparks when I see you, my ears enjoy when I hear you, and my heart jumps when I love you.
Cute love quotes 42
I admire your smile. But when I know it’s because of me I adore a little more.
Cute love quotes 41
I got a human diary where I can share all my happiness and sorrow and am so grateful for you my love, thanks for hearing me unstoppable.
cute love quotes 37
I still remember the days you waited for me behind my college gate for more than 2 hours just to see me smile at you.
cute love quotes 35
It is really hard to accept that you not only conquered my mind and soul, but also my blood, my nerves, my bones, and each part of my body.
cute love quotes 34
Intimacy is needed in a relationship but it is not to be physical all the time, as I love your soul more than your physique.
cute love quotes 38
Your love is not something that I want to live, but it is the thing that I want to cherish until I live.
cute love quotes 40
The first day I saw you I was so curious about you, then after knowing you better now am curious about living a life with you.
cute love quotes 39
Perfection has nothing to do with true love, and so am imperfect just to see you love my imperfection.
cute love quotes 36
I hate thinking about death but in case I have to face death, I want to die after you as I have trust issues with the people around you.
cute love quotes 32
The day I got into your love is the day I realized that I am me and I started to be myself.
cute love quotes 33
I don’t want to choose you as my life partner for my next birth as I don’t want to lose me again in the depth of your love for me.
cute love quotes 31
If you ask me how much I love you, I don’t have an answer as my love for you is growing bigger with each passing day.
cute love quotes 29
The eyes that sparkle in front of me is all belonged to me and the lips that spread smile are the oxygen that belongs to my lungs.
cute love quotes 28