Dating is a stage of a romantic relationship in which two people meet socially with the goal of each evaluating the other's desirability as a future intimate partner. It's a type of courtship that involves the couple participating in social activities, either alone or with others. Dating procedures and practices, as well as the terminology used to describe them, differ significantly from society to society and over time. While there are numerous definitions for the term, the most common one relates to two individuals going on dates to see if they are romantically or sexually compatible.

People can date over the phone or on the web, or they can meet in person, thanks to current technology. Teenagers and adolescent girls have been referred to as dating. Some cultures demand or encourage people to wait until they are of a specific age before dating.

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Dating Quotes

I don’t belong to this generation where dating just means hanging out and shout.
Dating quotes 87
Sometimes I wish I have never dated anybody, Because whenever I did at end I felt like living a dead body.
Dating quotes 86
Date a person who believe in you always, because only very few human stays.
Dating quotes 85
Date a girl who stays with you in your every phase, date a boy who chooses you in the crowd full of race
Dating quotes 84
I made you my home, because dating you was the best part, but you broke me and made me feel apart.
Dating quotes 83
I wish you wouldn’t have hurted me like hell, my past dating life was already a hell, how will I tell?
Dating quotes 82
I wish you would have promised me your togetherness because now your promises feels like a mess.
Dating quotes 81
If someone is important for you, you get the clear view, date them who deserves you.
Dating quotes 80
Dating is like reaching the shore of ocean with all your emotions.
Dating quotes 79
dating is a phase of love which results in forever, if broken once, you cannot enter into it, never.
Dating quotes 78
Todays generation think dating is a game, but dear ones it’s all about finding the name
Dating quotes77
Date someone who knows your worth, because you are beautiful by birth.
Dating quotes 76
I want to date you my entire life, my love for you is eternal, I write about you daily in my journal.
Dating quotes 75
We will find a lot of human around us to date, But true love always comes when you wait.
Dating quotes 74
No matter how hard life gets, if you love someone, you not only date them, you treat them like a gem.
Dating quotes 73
If you are dating someone make sure they value you a lot, because if they don’t then is it really a love?
Dating quotes 72
Date a person who not only make promises, who fulfills them, who lives with you in every moment
Dating quotes 71
Dating is a time where you get a chance to know that person personally, where attachments develop over time
Dating quotes 70
Make yourself feel special, go on solo dates, because dating is about feeling loved.
Dating quotes 69
Don’t date or get attached too early, because people changes more faster than a season.
Dating quotes 68
I wish god has designed my dating life like a Kohinoor, shining and bright.
Dating quotes 67
If I would have got the chance to love someone then it would be me, because dating is not my area.
Dating quotes 66
Dating a person with a perfect heart, is a good part.
Dating quotes 65
To reach the heights of love dating is just a phase.
Dating quotes 64
If I would have to date someone, I would see their nature, because nature stays forever.
Dating quotes 63
Date someone who loves your heart, because every love stories are made from start.
Dating quotes 62
Dating is not an option, its an platform to connect and create future together.
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