The joy and ecstasy of becoming a parent is something that can never be expressed. To hold your new-born baby in your arms for the first time is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world, especially if it’s a girl. The relationship between a daughter and a mother is all about friendship, guidance and strength. On the other hand, a daughter is the most special person to her father and the bond they share is based on affection and protectiveness. Your daughter acts as your constant support system and loves you selflessly. Therefore, it is important to remind her how loved and cherished she is and what better way to do it than sending her some sweet daughter quotes!

What are some daughter quotes to express love?


  1. As you see your little girl turn into a beautiful and responsible woman, so much of your life starts to make sense.
  2. Your daughter might be the reason behind your sleepless nights but one day she is going to be your biggest treasure.
  3. Nothing feels more satisfying than holding your daughter and sensing the admiration in her eyes after a tiring day.
  4. To witness the success of your daughter feels so much better than your own victory.
  5. For a father who is growing old, nothing is dearer than seeing your baby girl support and comfort you in time of need.
  6. The lessons that you teach your daughter in her youth, is one day going to make you proud and happy.
  7. The attachment between a parent and a daughter is something everlasting, exceptional and enchanting.

Daughter Quotes

My morning routine starts with cuddling my little daughter and the day ends with cuddling back with her.
Daughter quotes 60
When my daughter got married and moved to her home, I realized the true meaning of emptiness in life.
Daughter quotes 59
When God took my daughter from me, I cried but then I suddenly realized that she deserve to be near God as the earth is full of monsters
Daughter quotes 58
As a mother, do not ever cry in front of your daughter, as it may weaken her mind, always stand right up and make her realize that women are powerful
Daughter quotes 57
The relationship between a mother and a daughter is unexplainable, as they fight like they hate each other and in the same evening, they cuddle as if nothing happened
Daughter quotes 56
Grow your daughter as a responsible woman, as she is going to be the future pillar of someone’s life.
Daughter quotes 55
The shimmer of my life is the laughter of my lovely daughter and the joy she spreads has filled my heart as a happy boon
Daughter quotes 54
I was surprised when my daughter told me that I’m a bad mother and then realized that it is because I told the same my mother and karma is real
Daughter quotes 53
My daughter is the backbone of my family, she helps me financially as well as shares the house chores equally.
Daughter quotes 52
I pray to God every day that no matter how many times I would be reborn on this earth, I just want to be born as the daughter of my parents.
Daughter quotes 51
My daughters are the reason why I choose to get divorced, as they should learn not to live in a place where fake love exists
Daughter quotes 50
Teach your daughter that body shaming has nothing to do with her, as it is the sick mentality of the people who comment badly about someone’s body.
Daughter quotes 49
Being a father of 4 boys and after reading all the quotes about father and daughter love, now am lagging for a daughter who would love me unconditionally.
Daughter quotes 48
Among all the positions am holding now which are a nurse, a mother, a wife, and a sister, I choose to be the daughter of my parents forever.
Daughter quotes 47
People knocked me so badly when I was blessed with three daughters and now all my daughters are doctors treating all those sick-minded people
Daughter quotes 46
Having a daughter like you is our greatest accomplishment in our life. Love you my sweetie.
Daughter quotes 45
Only a daughter can bring happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present and hope of the future.
Daughter quotes 44
Daughters are a beautiful creature by god, placed in the arms of a woman to rise up love, nourish and treasure as a friend.
Daughter quotes 43
It feels like a queen because I have an angel. I’m the luckiest and blessed mother.
Daughter quotes 42
Behind every great daughter are a truly amazing father and a stunning mother.
Daughter quotes 41
You fill our hearts with bunch of joy and infinite love. You will always be daddy’s little girl and mommy’s whole world.
Daughter quotes 40
I live in a fairy tale because my life revolves around a princess, a beautiful daughter.
Daughter quotes 39
For all the sacrifices I have made all my life, today you have completely made a meaning that’s worth it.
Daughter quotes 38
I might be proud of many things for what I have achieved in my life, but nothing can beat being a mother for a daughter like you.
Daughter quotes 37
I’m glad that I have a daughter to smile at me and brighten up my day. To understand all that I say. Proud of you my child.
Daughter quotes 36
Every father is a girl’s first love. The only man she can trust her entire life. One source of unconditional love.
Daughter quotes 35
A daughter is someone whom you can laugh with, cry with, dream with and love with all your heart.
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