The joy and ecstasy of becoming a parent is something that can never be expressed. To hold your new-born baby in your arms for the first time is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world, especially if it’s a girl. The relationship between a daughter and a mother is all about friendship, guidance and strength. On the other hand, a daughter is the most special person to her father and the bond they share is based on affection and protectiveness. Your daughter acts as your constant support system and loves you selflessly. Therefore, it is important to remind her how loved and cherished she is and what better way to do it than sending her some sweet daughter quotes!

What are some daughter quotes to express love?


  1. As you see your little girl turn into a beautiful and responsible woman, so much of your life starts to make sense.
  2. Your daughter might be the reason behind your sleepless nights but one day she is going to be your biggest treasure.
  3. Nothing feels more satisfying than holding your daughter and sensing the admiration in her eyes after a tiring day.
  4. To witness the success of your daughter feels so much better than your own victory.
  5. For a father who is growing old, nothing is dearer than seeing your baby girl support and comfort you in time of need.
  6. The lessons that you teach your daughter in her youth, is one day going to make you proud and happy.
  7. The attachment between a parent and a daughter is something everlasting, exceptional and enchanting.

Daughter Quotes

Daughter is a Jewel Which cannot be able to wear on the neck but is always close to the heart.
Daughter quotes 140
The Most Precious Treasure of a Family is a Daughter who is So precious for them
Daughter quotes 139
Doesn’t matter A Women become old In her Mother’s view she is still A Daughter
Daughter quotes 138
Daughter Is the Childhoods angel who will become an Warrior in future in the Form of a doctor or a Police
Daughter quotes 137
A Daughter Can Only one who knows The Actuality of the Reasonable Problems of Family
Daughter quotes 136
Someone asked me what a daughter kind look like? I told them Have you ever Seen a Sacrificing Warrior
Daughter quotes 135
A Daughter is a Princess not because I have a prince, but because my mother is a queen.
Daughter quotes 134
A Daughter is the Natural Miracle who make the life of a Parent complete.
Daughter quotes 133
Her smile makes me to smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true – yes she is my daughter
Daughter quotes 132
Daughter Rolls a lot in your Life If you don’t believe me ask your Mother, Sister, female Friend, and Girlfriend.
Daughter quotes 131
I want to thank That Daughter Who carried me for 9 months in her womb and financially 25 years.
Daughter quotes 130
From a Daughter to the Mother This Journey is known as a warrior journey.
Daughter quotes 129
If a Daughter takes a birth that mean A Generation gonna established.
Daughter quotes 128
Love, Happiness, Kind, Humble, Strong are the things of which a daughter is made up of.
Daughter quotes 127
only a Daughter is the only one on this Universe who can Turn a father’s fear and worries into Happiness.
Daughter quotes 126
If a Mother Knows the Weakness of the Daughter it’s the Strength of the Daughter.
Daughter quotes 125
In the comparison of Daughter and Son no one lose but Still Daughter Wins.
Daughter quotes 124
A daughter is someone you want to laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart and soul.
Daughter quotes 123
If you want to see what’s infinity Then see the Relationship of a daughter and Father.
Daughter quotes 122
If a Home is called Heaven Then The daughters are the one who made it.
Daughter quotes 121
A Daughter Acts Like What Her Parents act like Infront of her.
Daughter quotes 120
The Most Expensive Gifts are Daughters and Most Expensive Gifts are given by Daughters
Daughter quotes 119
Every Daughter is not a Goddess But every Goddess Is a Daughter.
Daughter quotes 118
A Love between Father and Daughter can be So Famous But not that much like The Frendship of a Mother and Daughter.
Daughter quotes 117
For a Daughter Her Dad Was A Santa Clause Because She knows He never gonna say Her ‘No’
Daughter quotes 116
A son can Be change After A Marriage But a Daughter still a Daughter for his Father.
Daughter quotes 115
For everyone a daughter is a liability but for a father she is an asset.
Daughter quotes 114