Best, Unique And Sad Deep Quotes For Life

Send deep quotes every day for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

Deep quotes

"I have gone far down to get you up."

What does deep mean?

Deep is nothing but which it goes so far down. Deep has different meanings in different places.

Where I deeply in love with you, this gives a different meaning. Where I am deeply sorry for the confusion, this gives a different meaning.

So deep has a good meaning which you can say deep inside my heart. I love you deep inside my heart likewise this word deep can be used.

Not only for emotions it is. Loving and staying needs a good ending in life. This deep also cause you depression because those deep can occur anywhere. 

"Those few hours with deep conversation is enough for my whole life, my dear friend."

Why we should be deep in the relationship?

"Deep inside my heart, I felt like something was going to happen that way you are coming my dear love."

A relationship always needs to be deep because they are the ones who will be with us.

So that deep feeling is very much important in life. If it is love it should have extra care in heart and thoughts.

Deep is nothing but its something which carries your heart so close to the one whom you express your feelings.

Not everyone can love you deeply, after your mother and father that one person is going to love you so deeply. No matter what happens it just the beginning of something which it can't be felt by words it should felt by the heart.

When you got a person who loves you deeply just don't leave that person. Because if someone is ready to love you deeply then there is no way to feel for it.

Pain because of deep feelings

Pain means it always comes from your heart because the heart is the place where you feel your pain.

Pain always refers to your heart, because no matter the situation is it your heart can accept it or not.

When you have deep feelings for someone and you couldn't tolerate that the person is not interested in you.

Tolerance allows you to feel better but life always gives bitter experience to its extent. also for someone whom we deeply trust. Deep is a word that gives a thousand meanings in it.

Deep Quotes

At a stage of your life, you have to stop telling people what's going on in your life.
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It's a deep fact that people start to change at that point when you start to trust them the most.
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Treat other girls like your own sister because she is also someone's sister too,if you treat a girl in bad manner that will be also happen in your sister life.
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If you deeply observe the things that you're attracted to , you'll start having trust issues with your own damn mind.
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Mom, you are someone who is helpful and wise, whose kind advices always help and guide.
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Desires are like shadows, if you put your back towards them, then they will follow you and vice versa…
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If you learn to mold yourself according to the situation, you can be real gold.
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Wisdom is something which you can learn even from an enemy.
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A culprit thinks that everyone is talking just about him.
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Life is too short and there is so so… much to learn
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Great thoughts can be understood by great thinkers but great deeds can be understood by the whole of humanity.
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If you want to go on a long journey , then there is no better ship than a book.
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There is a price for everything, you can’t get anything for nothing.
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The price for success is devotion, hard work and complete faith in your goal.
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If you want to shine, then learn to burn.
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