As a designer, it is challenging to find inspiration to create something new every day. Ideas can strike at any time. But sometimes it can take hours or even days for them to form. When this happens, it's a good idea to take a break from the project and look for inspiration in other people's work. Looking prominent from designers is a great way to find inspiration, after all their wisdom comes from experience.Designers across the globe have explained the importance of design through some great and inspiring quotes.

It is needed in every field. Alina Wheeler stated that design is intelligence made visible. When designing Chris Anderson pointed out that one must nail the basics first, the details can come later.That also means how something works, not just the look and feel of it, as believed by Steve Jobs. It is everywhere. It is difficult to precisely point out or define what a good design is as it encompasses many different elements. However, a good design can be understood as something that, with beautiful, clever craftsmanship, design should encourage good change. Here are some of Design Quotes.

Design Quotes