Destiny Quotes - Page 2

Never blame your Destiny for anything, It's your choice to give up or effort.
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A true person always learns from every pain of life, because he believes Destiny can be build by learning.
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You are the architect of your Destiny, you can reflect it by your thoughts and efforts.
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Your journey may not go according to you but your destiny has always planned some magic for you, trust it.
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Every man must know their destination, That is should know the end point. Go beyond the destination and search for the river and the sea. Find a destination !
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Destiny is not something to be avoided. You have been created in this world only to meet your destiny. Be bold to meet it.
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First aim your destiny, Fix your destiny where you want to be in future. Prepare well to reach your destiny. Destiny will be your goal.
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It is your destiny that leads you at a certain level. It is very important for everyone to reach own destination.
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