Earth Quotes - Earth is the third planet from the sun and the solar system's fifth largest planet. Because the earth revolves around the sun, we have day and night. The color of the earth is believed to be bluish. The distance between earth and the sun is 149,598,262 kilometres. The atmosphere that surrounds the Earth is made up of a variety of gases, chiefly molecular nitrogen and oxygen. Only 3% of the water in the world is fresh, with 97 percent being salt water. Only 1% of the water is present in lakes, rivers, and undergrounds, while the remaining 2% is frozen as ice. Water covers 71% of the area. Land accounts for 29% of the total.


Layers of Earth are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere, and ionosphere are the six layers that cover the earth.


The world moves in two directions: rotation and revolution. It revolves in an anticlockwise manner from west to east, taking 24 hours to complete one rotation, which is why we have day and night. Earth revolves round the sun.One revolution around the Sun takes 365 days  to complete. Let us have a look on Earth Quotes

Earth Quotes

We humans have turned into an invasive species on our Earth.
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The day Earth stops rotating is the day life will turn to chaos on Earth
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Moon plays hide and seek, Sun canvases by, and Venus greets us twice a day; what a lovely celestial play
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Come and gather around brothers and sisters; look, there’s a Blue Spinel (Earth) on a white silk ribbon (milky way)
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There’s a ring of fire and a green belt; spread across it are yellow sand and a white blanket surrounded by blue waters. That’s Earth
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I boarded in coats from Canada; by the time I reached Australia, a t-shirt was all that sufficed.
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They are a naughty pair of siblings whose ire is far-fetching; they are El Nino and El Nina.
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A one-day Twitter war won’t save our Earth but might arouse some guiltyconscious people to mend their ways
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From Pangea to Gondwana to the current continental shelves, these landforms have drifted for over two hundred million years
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As the white orb (moon) admires the Blue Spinel (Earth), they dance to their rhythm (moon revolution).
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As Earth completes a revolution around the Sun, life walks an entire cycle on Earth
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As we float over the sea of magmas, the tides of oceans threaten to drown us
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As the ice shelf collapsed on the ocean, somewhere far away, an island drowned
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Between the push and pull of the Sun and Moon, the oceans churned.
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As the cold west wind drifted past the white blanket of snow, everything froze to become white ice sculptures
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Earth is our heaven, and it is also our hell to be judged.
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When it rains, some cry in pain (due to floods), while others cry in gratitude (farmers)
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Each day passed is a day spent on Earth’s life
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In the name of progress and development, we humans have destroyed our only habitat (i.e. Earth).
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There’s a naughty boy who throws occasional tantrums around the world; his name is El Nino.
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I started from Cape Horn, traveling to Cape Farewell; then I passed through Cape Town and arrived at South East Cape. I traveled around the globe.
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I moved from east to west, and my day turned into night.
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The oceans and the continents on Earth together form the ark of life in the vast universe
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Around its belt lies the Amazon and the Congo basin, adorning it as adorable bands.
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Wearing a crown of ice, the Earth rotates to provide six seasons to life.
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Earth is the only berth known to man that germinates life.
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The geoid is not a perfect sphere, but it is the most suitable sphere for life
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