Earth Quotes - Earth is the third planet from the sun and the solar system's fifth largest planet. Because the earth revolves around the sun, we have day and night. The color of the earth is believed to be bluish. The distance between earth and the sun is 149,598,262 kilometres. The atmosphere that surrounds the Earth is made up of a variety of gases, chiefly molecular nitrogen and oxygen. Only 3% of the water in the world is fresh, with 97 percent being salt water. Only 1% of the water is present in lakes, rivers, and undergrounds, while the remaining 2% is frozen as ice. Water covers 71% of the area. Land accounts for 29% of the total.


Layers of Earth are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere, and ionosphere are the six layers that cover the earth.


The world moves in two directions: rotation and revolution. It revolves in an anticlockwise manner from west to east, taking 24 hours to complete one rotation, which is why we have day and night. Earth revolves round the sun.One revolution around the Sun takes 365 days  to complete. Let us have a look on Earth Quotes

Earth Quotes

The existence of water and love make the planet earth a better place to live.
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There are endless opportunities available for us on earth but still, people started to find a place on mars which is called rapacity.
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Destroy as many trees as you can and make sure to let your future generation suffer suffocating for oxygen and it is real karma.
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In a dry desert, you will realize the importance of all the things that you have taken for granted from mother earth.
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Never be too proud that you own a piece of land on the earth as you will be left with a dark place under the earth in the end.
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Making the earth get polluted is like lying on the floor and spitting out and later realizing that you spitted on your own face.
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I wish to gift you all the beautiful flowers on the earth, but am afraid that your beauty would lessen the shimmer of those flowers.
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The reason why women are always compared to earth is that both earth and the women always stay calm until others mess with them.
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I want to go to a planet where people do not use the word perfection as on earth no one is perfect but everyone talks about perfection.
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The earth is a beautiful planet kissed green by the nature and we are on the earth ruining its beauty.
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My love has no expectations, like the rain pouring endless on the earth without expecting anything in return.
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If your attitude towards other people is not good, then you can never be saved by anything on this earth as attitude speaks better.
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Set your life on fire to reach your goals but do not set mother earth on fire by destroying nature for your goal.
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Make your life goals by considering living a life on earth and do not make plans by ruining yourself and getting into the earth.
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To be the happiest person on earth, it is not mandatory to have a big bank balance as long as you have a true friend.
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You decide your child’s future. Either glow in green or dry with brown.
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Nature isn’t limited to ask for more, it’s abundant to cherish.
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According to me preserving the environment is the responsibility not an option.
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Creativity is the ability to introduce to the world without destroying the nature
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It’s easy to teach children about the natural world. It has now become difficult to show them in real.
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Only when the trees have died and rivers are dried we will realize we cannot eat money
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We don’t live in a society we live in a corrupted environment. Gift your next generation a good place to live in, not technologies that spoil.
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We breathe not because we have mobiles, but because there is air around. Plant trees not data packs.
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The best way to heal you is by planting a tree.
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Nature is a permanent home for human. We don’t have another earth to live in.
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Earth’s music is heard to those who have the ability to listen.
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Obey when nature commands else it will put you in risk.
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