Easter Quotes - Easter is on Sunday in March or April when Christians celebrate Christ's return to life; the days leading up to and following Easter Sunday are known as Holy Week. It is a spiritual Easter.


Lent, the 40-day period preceding Easter that excludes Sundays, has historically been associated with Easter fasting. The commemoration of Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the day of his Crucifixion, Jesus was crucified alongside two other thieves on Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, the transition between Crucifixion and Resurrection, all occur close to Easter.


Christians were not permitted to hold any type of celebration in commemoration of Jesus' crucifixion, nor they were permitted to eat meat, wear flowers, or eat eggs. The egg became a symbol of the Resurrection in and of itself. The egg represents new life emerging from the shell, much like Jesus of Nazareth did after rising from his tomb.


He has risen, and he has come to bring us joy. No more sorrows, rejoice in Christ, and a very happy Easter to all! To wish people a happy Easter, here are some more Easter quotes.

Easter Quotes

Easter is all about magical spells, what brings people together is what it tells
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Easter comes when the flowers blossom making our environment colourful and awesome.
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Christ has created Easter in our lives, bringing happy moments and good vibes
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Easter has come with new hopes and dreams so let’s celebrate it with some ice creams
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Christmas has no existence without Easter because they both are like twin sisters.
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Easter is a festival of food, lights and love all around so this Easter just stick to the ground
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Easter is colourful just like spring, let’s hope for best about what this Easter brings.
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Be independent because nothing stays around you to protect you forever just like Easter’s egg shells
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Easter says truth never stays in grave, so accept it by being brave
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Easter comes with lots of blessing and gifts, that makes us happy even in hard life drifts.
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Easter represents strength decorated over delicate egg shells.
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Easter is basically celebrated to have a family time and enjoying little moments is not a crime.
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Forget all the disasters on this Easter and make plans which are master blaster.
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Magical Easter wishes are as real as the Easter bunny’s kisses
Easter quotes 73
Never lose hope because Easter is here with blossom floral spring that makes our boring life colourful
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Be thankful to what we have because Easter teaches us to be happy not sad
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It’s time to forgive and move on with happiness because this is what Easter is for.
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An Easter bunny is a symbol of innocence and joy, its positivity makes sure we enjoy
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Easter is a miracle that brings everyone together, it makes the relations strong which are delicate like a feather.
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The true meaning of Easter is hope and love that one must keep in mind above
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Easter gives us hope, helping us to cope and make our lives dope
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Easter makes the family’s bond more stronger and the relations stay longer.
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Easter is a positive vibe that comes with lots of gifts and happiness.
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Eat your cake mister because it’s Easter.
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On this Easter drink some wine and assume everything’s fine
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Eat healthy and enjoy the day because Easter is on the way.
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Easter is the period of rebirth and renewal it’s a tine for self-introspect and change yourselves to give a new life to you
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