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Education quotes

Why is Education  needed?     

Can you find all the vowels to exist in one word? it is none other than  EDUCATION.

Do we need education to shape our minds in this scenario? Obviously, We need it because it can uplift anyone to a  from to any great extreme.

Education is a weapon which can create and mould minds of million to greater extend.

Education is a passport to one’s life to chase their dreams and serve as a tool to get what we love. And it gives the knowledge that around us and changes it something better.

Why Education is important?

Education ,a capable of learning  the skills. It is all about how we look upon things and how we handle it.

There is a huge difference being an Educated and an Uneducated. It educates all  human being .

Education is like a air, we breathe for living it cannot be denied at any case and It replaces an empty mind with an open one and in addition to it  rises any one eg.

from Washington to the white house right from the kid to old age ,we all need colour to paint our dreams and wings to fly around the world.

Kids believe that their goals fulfilled through Education , cause it gives optimism to a person. Learning skill give value to one life beyond boundaries with their irrespective differences.

What are the things are to be educated?

Education does not mean only  books, also about learning skills, how we look things with our own perspective.

It teaches how to treat people, react to things, handle problems and of attitude towards anything. Class rooms play a key role in doing all such things.

It should make someone to be deserves one of facing both failure and success in same manner. 

Education shows path to achieve one’s destination in one way or the other way .

It make a great change in life students to get what they really want. Study, still we have a chance. It qualifies everyone and make us realize how we are capable of. 

“A goal should scare one a little; and excite a lot” -bolf

Education needs motivation:

We fall, we break and we again we fail; but then, we rise ,heal and overcome things. 

Attaining destination is pretty hard to catch but can be caught when we keep on try. If we have will and skill can even climb hill and finally Education is a celebration. 

Education Quotes

Scientific occupations leads the world to great paths by evolving something new, and making life easier
Science Quotes 30
Experiments and reasons for the same, the science revolves around this whole process.
Science Quotes 29
Science makes life of humans easier, by creating and experimenting and making it a reality not mere a possibility.
Science Quotes 28
Science is a possibility to make hypothesis a solution to the facts evolved.
Science Quotes 27
The genius can become insane too, but Science can also make an insane a genius one day
Science Quotes 26
Science is just an advanced imaginations of professionals, conducting researchs and experiments
Science Quotes 25
If theory and facts are contradictory then try changing the facts
Science Quotes 24
Science is an passion, dedication to achieve something, its not mere a discipline.
Science Quotes 23
Nothing can be considered impossible in the field of science, because it may become possible one day
Science Quotes 22
Maybe sometimes science can be considered crazy, but crazy in a good way, as one day it can be the reality of life
Science Quotes 21
Facts are little, but observations and experiments are millions but science make us reach the conclusion with solutions.
Science Quotes 20
Science is the medicine to the myths and superstitions, which leads to great enthusiasm.
Science Quotes 19
Science make our life easier day by day by inventing new technologies, it’s a art which produce things in abundance.
Science Quotes 18
The bee doesn’t knows how it fly, but science has the power to give reasons with observations.
Science Quotes 17
Science is an method to reach the end little by little making it a reality to be believed at large
Science Quotes 16
Science brings revolution in our life, but its just an perception nothing more.
Science Quotes 15
Science is. An unique pattern followed to achieve the conclusions made by experiences and experiments
Science Quotes 14
Science is technically having solutions to questions by generating methods to be followed
Science Quotes 13
Science is a perspective of making or taking things to a different level of observation.
Science Quotes 12
Science is a journey of many doubtful experiments to making it precise, stable and useful
Science Quotes 11
Science is an observation of great minds, making a long journey and reaching the ability to make things better.
Science Quotes 10
Science is very organized, it empowers us to use its knowledge and make this world a better place to live
Science Quotes 9
Science is just like a torch, which brings light to this universe and acknowledge the humanity
Science Quotes 8
Our scientific powers has taken us to exploit humanity on harsh level, whether it by making missiles or whether its being dependent on technology
Science Quotes 7
Everyone here on the planet is so much dependent on the science and the technology too, But nobody actually knows the what science is about.
Science Quotes 6
The science which is today might be a great lesson for tomorrow.
Science Quotes 5
Science is just like an song which never ends untill you stop experimenting
Science Quotes 4