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English Quotes

English is a West Germanic language or the North Germanic Sea language. Medieval England people used them in many ways and eventually became a global language.

The Germanic tribes were Jutes and the Saxons because they ruled the country for once and then they established the language.

English originates in England and the speakers of English are Anglophones.

The earliest form of it is Old English or Anglo-Saxon.

English has four dialects. First of all, Anglian dialects(Mercian and Northumbrian) and secondly, the Saxon dialects( Kentish and West Saxon).

It is the third most spoken language after standard Chinese and Spanish and the must language for the survival of people.

It is the dominant language of the United States, The United Kingdom, New Zealand and other islands of the Pacific ocean even though it got its origin from England.

It is also an official language of India, Philippines, and Singapore and is the first foreign language in most of the countries. In addition to this, there are 67 countries use English as their first language.

English has a vast vocabulary, though counting how many words in any language has is impossible. 

Modern English relies more on auxiliary and word order for the expression of complex tenses, aspects,mood and the like.

Many countries use varieties of accents in terms of Phonetics and Phonology.

Poets in English

Some of the major poets in the English language are,

Chaucer, Shakespeare, John Milton, John Dryden, William Wordsworth, Alexander pope and the like

The contribution of these people is greater than anything cause they loved literature and language. These people created many impacts on society through their works. And they include, 

Lyrics ( sung with the accompaniment of the instrument named Lyre), Elegy( lamentation), Ballad( dance), Sonnet( 14 lines poem) and the like.

why it is important to learn English?

We learn them to communicate with each other and to satisfy our needs and all. It helps you to see things from a different view and get a deeper understanding of another culture . 

It is very much important for you to become a good listener and to get a better job and is the language of the media. 

However,English language plays an important role in our life. Learning another language offers important cognitive benefits at any age.

English quotes about parents

Many writers and poets write parental love in their quotes or some other to express the value of parents to the world.. The quotes that melt our hearts are,

"We never know the love of a parent till we become parents" is a very popular quote by Henry Ward Beecher.

"When you look into your mother's eyes,you know that is the purest  love you can find on this earth" tells Mitch Albom.

Besides he makes us to realize the importance of love of mother and how pure it is. 

We can find these kinds of quotes not only in Mitch but also in many other writers like Nicolas,Jim Morrison,James E Faust and the like


English Quotes

English is spoken by majority of countries. It's a main conversational language. Out if India people speak English.
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English is a language spoken by people in routine. It is a common language spoken by people in India and abroad. People understand it easily.
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English is a common language spoken by majority of people. One understand english and it is a good conversation between two.
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Born with frozen wings was a fairy who wished to fly high, composed a fairy tale when she had the courage to melt the ice shackle that locked her wings.
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English is a language spoken by a majority of people. It is better to know to speak and writing English. It is a common language spoken by the majority of countries.
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