Entrepreneurship Quotes: An entrepreneur is someone who establishes a business and takes on the most of the risks while reaping the majority of the rewards. In simple words, Entrepreneurship refers to the process of starting a business. Entrepreneurs are critical to any economy because they have the ability and initiative to anticipate requirements and bring good new ideas to market. Entrepreneurship that succeeds in taking on the risks of starting a business is rewarded with revenues, fame, and chances for continued expansion. Failure of an entrepreneur results in losses and a lower market presence for individuals concerned. An entrepreneur can either be a owner or manager of a business enterprise to create profits via risk and innovation. Entrepreneurs act as managers, managing a company's start-up and growth. Entrepreneurship is the process through which a person or a group recognizes a business opportunity and deploys the resources. Entrepreneurship "shifts economic resources out of an area of lower productivity and greater yield and into an area of better productivity and greater yield," according to early-19th-century French economist Jean-Baptiste Say. By creating something fresh and distinct, entrepreneurs change or transmute values. Regardless of the size of their business, they can participate in entrepreneurial opportunities. Being an entrepreneur necessitates the fulfillment of four requirements. At First, opportunities or situations for resources to recombine to make profit must exist. Second, entrepreneurship demands individual distinctions. The study of entrepreneurship dates back to Richard Cantillon and Adam Smith's work in late 17th and early 18th centuries. During 1930s, Austrian economics such as Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich von Hayek impacted our concept of entrepreneurship. Here are few Entrepreneurship Quotes that follows:

Entrepreneurship Quotes