Environmental Quotes-Natural environment refers to both Biotic and abiotic conditions existing on the earth ,human environment reveals the activities , creations and interactions among human beings.The car flumes pollute the air, water is collected in a pot, food is served in vessels and land is used to build factories. Humans make cars, mills, factories and manufacturing containers. This is how human beings modify the natural environment Our earth contains lithosphere,hydrosphere,atmosphere and biosphere. Let's discuss about these domains,It is the solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth.

It is made up of rocks and minerals and covered by a thin layer of soil. It is an irregular surface with various landforms found over the continents and also on the ocean floors.It is the domain that provides us forests, grasslands for grazing , land for agriculture and human settlements. It is also a source of mineral wealth.The domain of the forest is referred to as hydrosphere. Here are some of Environmental Quotes.

Environmental Quotes

No one has seen the future but saving the environment can give a good start to tomorrow.
Environmental quotes 128
Reduce pollution to breathe clear air, it’s high time to get up and start to care
Environmental quotes 127
In terms to stay healthy one must take care of environmental hygiene, only staying clean themselves may not help
Environmental quotes 126
God has sent us on earth, to live and also take care of it so that life here can be worth.
Environmental quotes 125
Our environment is our comfort, in return it only needs our care and support.
Environmental quotes 124
Earth gave us a lot, we should appreciate what we got
Environmental quotes 123
We belong to the earth, we need to keep our Mother Earth healthy because it’s where we got birth
Environmental quotes 122
We must take care of the environment where we belong, because we all have to live a life here that’s long
Environmental quotes 121
Let’s clean the environment and take the decisions those are best, because waiting for others to do that is useless.
Environmental quotes 120
There’s no later everything is now, let’s start planting trees and make the environment wow.
Environmental quotes 119
To stay healthy we must make sure our environment stays healthy.
Environmental quotes 118
Environment is the one to whom we owe, let us all help it to shine and grow
Environmental quotes 117
To be a protector of all living beings, just remember that environment also has feelings
Environmental quotes 116
Get up and start to Protect, let’s keep our environment happy and perfect.
Environmental quotes 115
I wish to have an environment that’s green, I’ll make it possible by keeping it clean.
Environmental quotes 114
Earth was a better place before we were born, but now we are making it like an uncomfortable sweater to be worn
Environmental quotes 113
Our environment is not meant to be destroyed, our carelessness towards it is what we need to avoid
Environmental quotes 112
We need to save the environment from any harm, our Mother Earth is our charm
Environmental quotes 111
Our environment needs to be respected, because if not then life on earth gets affected.
Environmental quotes 110
Environment connects us all as one, respect the environment and enjoy under the sun
Environmental quotes 109
Our environment is our home, we must make sure about the maintenance where we roam
Environmental quotes 108
Environment’s biggest enemy is pollution, we must reduce it and work on this problem’s solution.
Environmental quotes 107
The more you take care of the environment the more you increase your own lifespan.
Environmental quotes 106
Don’t wait for others to save the planet, just stick to clean environment plan like a magnet.
Environmental quotes 105
Earth is our mother and its environment is her heart
Environmental quotes 104
Clean environment is important for life, cutting trees is like killing ourselves with a knife.
Environmental quotes 103
Life depends on environment, maintaining the greenery leads to enlightenment.
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