Environmental Quotes-Natural environment refers to both Biotic and abiotic conditions existing on the earth ,human environment reveals the activities , creations and interactions among human beings.The car flumes pollute the air, water is collected in a pot, food is served in vessels and land is used to build factories. Humans make cars, mills, factories and manufacturing containers. This is how human beings modify the natural environment Our earth contains lithosphere,hydrosphere,atmosphere and biosphere. Let's discuss about these domains,It is the solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth.

It is made up of rocks and minerals and covered by a thin layer of soil. It is an irregular surface with various landforms found over the continents and also on the ocean floors.It is the domain that provides us forests, grasslands for grazing , land for agriculture and human settlements. It is also a source of mineral wealth.The domain of the forest is referred to as hydrosphere. Here are some of Environmental Quotes.

Environmental Quotes

Is it possible to go for a picnic in the desert? At least for the sake of picnic let’s conserve forests.
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The reason why I became vegan is not that I hate chicken, it is because I love nature as the hatcheries use a lot of natural wealth to grow the chicken.
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Teach your children how to protect the environment, because no luxury is needed more than oxygen for their survival.
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Stop constructing multi-story buildings as mother nature can be ruthless at any time, instead start protecting the environment.
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To the future generation, we are developing a disease called environmental virus just because of pollution.
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No one has the right to own the earth, as the earth owns us and whenever the time comes we have to leave this place.
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Instead of wondering and appreciating the bunch of youngsters cleaning the road, start to make the change right from your surroundings.
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To create a better environment, you don’t have to run NGOs or do social activities, simply stop using plastic.
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God gave us beautiful nature to cherish, humans are one with nature as we blend with it.
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Each corner of my house is surrounded by beautiful greenish plants and I love talking with plants more than humans.
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Green is the most aesthetic color as I believe that color is the kiss of nature.
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A mother will always become ruthless to the one who mistreats her child, so remember that nature is the earth’s mother.
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Do not cut trees is the old quote, cut trees and buy oxygen for hundreds of dollars is the new quote.
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Whenever you do something toxic to the environment, remember that future generations will live in this place.
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Earth is the best place for humans to survive, but it is not the right place for a greedy man who tries to rob nature.
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Its beauty inspires amazement, and I ponder whether light rather than soil is the last true wild thing's sanctuary.
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Nothing is imperfect and everything is perfect in nature. Even when bent or deformed, trees retain their aesthetic beauty.
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The price of every product will reveal the ecological truth on the future's global market.
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To me, the coziest Persian rug is not as welcome as a thick mat of pine needles or spongy grass.
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Never forget that the wind longs to play with your hair and that the ground loves to feel your naked feet.
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Keep the surroundings in mind. Respect animals. Be a good person. You will leave an impression on the world if you do it.
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Civilization must rely on nature's interest rather than its capital if it is to endure.
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The environment owns the economy outright, not the other way around.
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Treating the Earth as if it were a company going out of business is inherently wrong.
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The complicated nature of man causes lakes to dry up and deserts to grow.
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Accept that values are much more vulnerable to environmental threats than the environment is to values.
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One benefit of air pollution is that you get quite stunning sunrises.
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