Equality Quotes-It means that having  same privileges status and opportunity to everyone and there should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of cast, class religion gender etc,..There should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of these reasons Equality does not mean that treating everyone equally because if we treat everyone equal is impossible and unjust. Everyone has different qualities and different functions in our society. We cannot treat everyone equal in all circumstances.The true meaning of Equality is that everyone gets equal opportunity to their self development. Protective Discrimination means to protect or safe guard the discrimination .Protective Discrimination is allowed for the enlistment of the weaker section people . We know that India has a reservation policy. People who comes under OC, SC,ST are getting reservation for their self development and their filamentous their society because their past generations did not get their education and enlistment because of their cast. So reservation helps to get equal opportunity among the society.Equality under law. Equal protection of law no one is above the law everyone should be equal in front of law. Here are some of Equality Quotes.

Equality Quotes

On the eternal everyone treated by their deeds and actions, as who have good deeds they treated best and equal
equality quotes 110
Don’t argue with the people of inequality rather understand that they’ll never change, move on, Equality is truth
equality quotes 109
Treat equal, don’t waste time in backbiting and gossip, create your own value
equality quotes 108
Equality should start from family not seek out of it, family is first to be civilized
equality quotes 107
The greatest thing of Equality lies in not only rich get higher but poor too
equality quotes 106
Equality can’t be earned from outside it should be from within, a soulful Equality a good
equality quotes 105
Don’t search others to treat you equal, first you treat yourself worth to the need, to be equal
equality quotes 104
Equality should be in every citizens mind, mind changes, positive thoughts make miracles
equality quotes 103
It’s in every citizens hand to treat other citizen equally without, discrimination & racism to make society better
equality quotes 102
The human beings who are alive,everyone have equal rights to live, to liberate, to achieve
equality quotes 101
There’s no Equality in freedom, freedom sometimes unequal and unreal
equality quotes 100
Want to know the value of man, tests him whether he treat nice to beggar too but not only to rich
equality quotes 99
Only when the country is civilized, every citizen should give their own rights and Equality
equality quotes 98
Learn to behave equally in family, otherwise fight in family never ends, conflicts continues
equality quotes 97
Don’t underestimate anyone because time changes, the same thing happen to you too, be equal and kind
equality quotes 96
God created everyone equal, he gives someone a beauty, he make someone more beautiful by their Smartness
equality quotes 95
Don’t cheat destitute , you have to fear God, God loves Equality
equality quotes 94
My dear child I’m your greatful father, because I never treat you unequal, I treat you like a gem
equality quotes 93
For the mother every child of her are equal, mother doesn’t show inequality to her child
equality quotes 92
In my opinion girl child should be equal as a boy, if the girl get chance to win she’ll reach mountains
equality quotes 91
Be judgmental in the country of injustice it create more value and power
equality quotes 90
In animals too have differences and inequality, lion a king of jungle but other animals not
equality quotes 89
My main aim is the Education should be equal, there’s no difference either it’s a men or women
equality quotes 88
A good relationship lasts forever when treated equally either a men or women
equality quotes 87
Discrimination should be avoided, there’s no difference either white or black
equality quotes 86
The rich or poor, educated or uneducated, civilized or uncivilized everyone should treated equally need respect
equality quotes 85
Country needs liberty and justice, doesn’t need injustice and fake peoples
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