Equality Quotes-It means that having  same privileges status and opportunity to everyone and there should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of cast, class religion gender etc,..There should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of these reasons Equality does not mean that treating everyone equally because if we treat everyone equal is impossible and unjust. Everyone has different qualities and different functions in our society. We cannot treat everyone equal in all circumstances.The true meaning of Equality is that everyone gets equal opportunity to their self development. Protective Discrimination means to protect or safe guard the discrimination .Protective Discrimination is allowed for the enlistment of the weaker section people . We know that India has a reservation policy. People who comes under OC, SC,ST are getting reservation for their self development and their filamentous their society because their past generations did not get their education and enlistment because of their cast. So reservation helps to get equal opportunity among the society.Equality under law. Equal protection of law no one is above the law everyone should be equal in front of law. Here are some of Equality Quotes.

Equality Quotes

If we are living in a society of gender equality, then I wonder why every application form has a sex column in it!
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Why it is the order that men have not to protest for their equality but that women have always to fight for their equality?
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Never demand equality from others, as it is your birthright.
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Liberty makes one shine in their life, as the daughter of a liberal man, am now the boss of a multinational corporation.
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It is not a manly thing to own the money and make the expenses. Just pass the money to your wife and make her a boss to be a real hero.
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We are living in a world where racism follows even after death.
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Do not depend on a whole family to treat you well, just go for that one good man who can treat you with equality.
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Feminists do fight for equality, but if you need to be equal to men, learn to treat them equally, as men are not a slave.
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In search of a man who is ready to take care of the house and our future kids as I will sponsor financial needs - gender equity.
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We are living in a society that retreats both men and women equally, except that women should not go to night parties with their friends.
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Language is just for speaking and making other people understand our thoughts, then why there is discrimination regarding languages spoken?
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I wish there is only one system of education, so there will be no discrimination against youngsters while they attend job interviews.
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Never try to fit in a place where you will suffocate because equality comes from where it exists.
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I prefer choosing a man wise to me, loyal to me, respects me, and more than any of this I need him to treat me equally.
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I wonder if will it be ever possible for the future generation to live without discrimination of color and caste.
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Equality doesn’t always relay upon society and nation, the struggle is really won in hearts and minds of individual.
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It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no compromise to give people their rights. It takes no political deal to give people freedom.
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All colors are beautiful in it’s own way. All creatures are talented in the way it is designed. Embrace beauty in everything as it is.
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Try to understand the fact we all belong to the religion called humans. Accept the fact and treat everyone equally for a peaceful nation.
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Achieving by putting someone down is a fake victory. A real man will succeed having his competitor beside. That’s the true win.
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Equality is a myth to protect the week souls. Some of us our strong in force but others are not. Only a fool believes otherwise.
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Judgments with skin color, education, gender, and caste is not the right people for you. Treat them with zero response and move away.
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People misunderstand the difference between roles and rights. Men and women have their own different roles but their rights are equal.
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A man of quality will respect equality. Gender equality is a human issue not a female fight.
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Treat the way how you treat yourself. There begins humanity. If you want to bring change in the world, begin with you.
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Every creature on earth is born equal. Before the creator we are equally wise and equally foolish.
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One day we will learn heart can never be right when your head is wrong.
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