Equality Quotes-It means that having  same privileges status and opportunity to everyone and there should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of cast, class religion gender etc,..There should be no any kind of discrimination on the basis of these reasons Equality does not mean that treating everyone equally because if we treat everyone equal is impossible and unjust. Everyone has different qualities and different functions in our society. We cannot treat everyone equal in all circumstances.The true meaning of Equality is that everyone gets equal opportunity to their self development. Protective Discrimination means to protect or safe guard the discrimination .Protective Discrimination is allowed for the enlistment of the weaker section people . We know that India has a reservation policy. People who comes under OC, SC,ST are getting reservation for their self development and their filamentous their society because their past generations did not get their education and enlistment because of their cast. So reservation helps to get equal opportunity among the society.Equality under law. Equal protection of law no one is above the law everyone should be equal in front of law. Here are some of Equality Quotes.

Equality Quotes