Experience Quotes - Life is full of experience, there are different ways to learn different things that we opt to do in our life, the best way to learn is through experience, The things that we go through in our life may be positive or negative in our life.  Experience is the state of Wonder had a profound effect on her, yet it was also a genuine experience that lifted her up without interfering with her actual feelings.

Everyone calls his mistakes "experience." There are no failures – only experiences and your reactions to them. However, all of life's experiences, good and bad, shape where you are. It would be a big mistake to remove any one of life's experiences.

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Experience Quotes

Experience can be just a moment for the lazy ones but it can be an opportunity for the innovative ones.
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We must learn to live our life on the basis of our experiences rather than on the basis of our thoughts.
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There is no substitute for experience. Experience itself is an important aspect in our life.
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There are some things in life which we would have to experience in order to understand.
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The most important skill of learning that we must acquire is learning from our experiences.
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Experience gives us the privilege to come back stronger with a more detailed plan.
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We may or may not bet on our fortune but we can always easily bet on our experience.
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Experience can be a result of our wrong decisions in the past which can help us to flourish our future.
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Experience is not what happens to a person, it is rather the response that the person gives to that situation.
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The value of experience is not measured in its quantity but rather it is measured in the impact it made.
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A mind that gains new experiences doesn’t tend to go back to its old form.
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Always fill your life with experiences, not things because the value of things may get depreciated but the value of experience is never.
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The most pleasurable feeling in life is doing the things that you have great experience on.
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The best experiences are always gained by doing the riskiest things.
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Failures are the pillars of success but experiences are the bricks of success.
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The biggest reward which we can get from failure is loads of experience.
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The biggest disrespect of experience is repeating the same mistakes again and again.
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The real maturity comes from experiences, not with advancement of age.
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Gaining a bad experience is more impactful to life than gaining a bad experience.
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The most important purpose of life is to taste the experience to the utmost.
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One can doubt his luck but he can never doubt his hard work and experience.
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Hard work and experience are the most powerful weapons that can beat anyone easily.
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Your doings and your experiences gained because of those determine your dimensions to hell and heaven.
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Experience is a teacher which teaches everyone the lesson of life irrespective of their colour, caste, religion.
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Each good and bad experience gives us exposure to a new form of life.
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The best experience is gained by going out in the real world rather than sitting in the comfort of your house.
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The best teacher who teaches us the value of even small things in life is failure and its experience.
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