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Eyes Quotes

The passive beauty, twinkling eyes

"Look at the eyes of the speaker, you would realize the truth before they utter"

Moon can be the eternal beauty but it cannot compete with the eyes, especially with the eyes of a beautiful female. The skin can be glowing or dark or light, the light skin would attract people but the eyes would magnetize the soul. That is the power of the eyes.

What do eyes symbolize?

"In the chaos of smiling and walking, She simply looked into the eyes of his"

Eyes define a lot more than we think. It represents and symbolizes the purest feelings. Eyes cannot lie and cheat. Eyes are the only uncorrupted pearl that delivers only the truth.

"If you want to follow the words, look at the lips. If you want to follow the heart, look into the eyes."

Eyes are the most beautifully concealed art. The most concealed art tends to have more glory and pleasure in it. In the same way, the eyes conceal more number of stuff. That is the reason it is found to be more beautiful and its beauty increases day by day.

Why the eyes are defined to be beautiful?

"God created humans With multiple tongues, Different colors But with similar eyes. That is why It is appreciated daily."

A human find eyes to be the most beautiful thing. The eyes are always true. They cannot lie. A man cannot maintain eye contact with lies. Truth is the most beautiful thing. So the eyes that are always true are defined to be beautiful.

"Alphabets start with 'A', Babies start with the cries, Poets start with nature, But an art starts with the eyes."

What do eyes reflect?

"Look at the river, You would find shattered you. Look at the mirror, You would find clear you. Look at my eyes, You would find the real you And I would find the real me In yours."

No one can see their real face. Everything is a reflection. If a person looks into a mirror, it is his reflection and not his real face. So no one can see themselves. If a person looks into the true and lovable eyes, it would reflect the real. The reflection will be true and real and loyal.

"Look into the eyes Of an enemy There will be hatred, Of parents There will be affection, Of a true friend There will be love."

Eyes Quotes

Eyes are like jewellery to a face, increases the charm.
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The beauty of eyes is incompatible.
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Be the shining of someone's eye not the reason of his pain.
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You may be out of my eye but always close to my heart.
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It's very gorgeous to bring happiness in someone's eyes.
Eyes quotes 55
The intoxication of your eyes is more than any other intoxication.
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You can't hide your feelings because eyes has habit of express.
Eyes quotes 53
Eyes can picturise the status of your mind.
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You can feel the memories by closing your eyes.
Eyes quotes 51
Always keep your eyes open, deception can come from anywhere.
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Keep your eyes on your aim then nothing can distract you.
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I want to keep you in my eyes because you are the coolness of my eyes.
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The tears of happiness are very precious, lucky eyes can have them.
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There is an amazing beauty in eyes that can make anyone intoxicated.
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All gorgeous moments of life are captured in eyes
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My lovely world exists in your eyes, you are the charm of my life.
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The way of love begins with eyes and ends with breathe.
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Eyes has habit to spill over, heart has habit to beat and I have habit of you.
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The attraction of her eyes make me more crazy about her.
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Your fabulous eyes make me excited for love.
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Your eyes can express the emotions of your heart.
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The things cannot be seen by eyes can be seen by knowledge.
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Don't ever make anyone tears, don't forget that you have two eyes also.
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A little deception is enough to open your eyes.
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The beauty of face is enhanced with eyes
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Eyes are very tiny but have the talent to see the whole world.
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Sometimes eyes talk the things that we cannot talk by lips.
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