• Reality and facts aren't always the same. Sometimes, the truth can be concealed by facts.
  • You can continue to whine about something but until you take action, nothing matters.
  • Anything that does not break you, makes you a stronger person.
  • You can never surpass time and logic no matter how much you try.
  • Someone or the other will always criticize you. So, do what you sense in your heart is right.


Every day is a new beginning and you get to learn something new. Here are some interesting fact Quotes associated with your everyday activities that you might not be aware of:


  • You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time


The food and fluids we consume and the air we breathe in, both pass through the same part of our throat.


  • Dull knives are risker to use than sharp knives


While using a sharp knife, you need to apply a small amount of pressure to slice through food. This ensures you are less likely to cut yourself.


  • There is a name for the colour you see in pitch darkness

Eigengrau, a shade of intrinsic grey, is the colour you see when there is no light in a room.


  • Craving ice can be an indication of iron deficiency


The compulsive munching of ice may be just be a nervous tick for a lot of us. But for some, it may be a way of cooling irritation in the mouth triggered due to iron insufficiency.


  • There is a technique to foil and plastic wrap.


Did you know that there are pierced spots on either side of a box of aluminium foil or plastic wrap? To hold the foil or wrap in place, punch those tabs in and your work becomes so much easier.

Fact Quotes

The true fact of a democratic country is to make people not suffer for at least minimal basic requirements.
fact quotes 55
The two facts that differentiate humans from animals are kindness and helping tendency, so do not forget to be a human.
fact quotes 54
I hate meeting up with my college friends, once they gather they always discuss the facts and theorems which I am blank about.
fact quotes 53
Do not bother an intelligent man until you are ready to face the list of life facts he is going to lecture you.
fact quotes 52
Whether you like it or not, some people won’t change their perspectives for you and the fact is that you must also learn to behave like them.
fact quotes 51
I thought of myself as the most innovative person until I found the fact that because of those innovations I forgot to renovate my life.
fact quotes 50
Once you start knowing the origin of certain facts, then you will stop believing them.
fact quotes 49
People call me a legend not because I am earning more but because I am sharing my wealth with others which is more than what I earn.
fact quotes 48
No matter what conveys your opinion all the facts are designed only by humans and not all of them are true.
fact quotes 47
The ethic of life is to undergo random checkups with multiple life facts and conclude a single truth.
fact quotes 46
I prefer accepting the facts of life and leading a positive life as I am as stubborn as the facts.
fact quotes 45
Ignorance is more poisonous as it could affect your complete lifestyle and let you live out of life facts and ethics.
fact quotes 44
Opinions and facts are two different things, your opinions can be reversed but the facts remain the same forever.
fact quotes 43
The facts of life are different, once you know about it, you could arrange them in ascending or descending as per your preferences.
fact quotes 42
When you know about the essential facts of life, it could be easier for you to handle the difficulties of life.
fact quotes 41
Some facts and truth might hurt you, disappoint you. But the moment you start accepting, it makes life simple.
Fact quotes 40
A confident man is the one who is courageous to accept the fact of life.
Fact quotes 39
Real fact is: Self-love is true love. When you start trusting you everything will fall into place.
Fact quotes 38
Don’t dumb too much facts and truths in life; you cannot derive with a strong opinion
Fact quotes 37
Certain things are truly felt in heart when eyes are closed. That’s why we pray with closed eyes.
Fact quotes 36
The more attention you give, the more you will be ignored. This is how life works.
Fact quotes 35
Sometimes you have to accept the fact that people change and few things can never be the same like before.
Fact quotes 34
Everything we hear is a suggestion and everything we see is an outlook. Truth is rare and hard to find.
Fact quotes 33
Opinions aren’t facts. Stick on to never ending facts not for varying opinions.
Fact quotes 32
The fact cannot be changed or denied, rather it can be accepted.
Fact quotes 31
Three facts that cannot be recovered: Words spilled, the moment missed, the time gone.
Fact quotes 30
Small facts create great impact. We always slip from small stones not from a mountain.
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