• Reality and facts aren't always the same. Sometimes, the truth can be concealed by facts.
  • You can continue to whine about something but until you take action, nothing matters.
  • Anything that does not break you, makes you a stronger person.
  • You can never surpass time and logic no matter how much you try.
  • Someone or the other will always criticize you. So, do what you sense in your heart is right.


Every day is a new beginning and you get to learn something new. Here are some interesting fact Quotes associated with your everyday activities that you might not be aware of:


  • You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time


The food and fluids we consume and the air we breathe in, both pass through the same part of our throat.


  • Dull knives are risker to use than sharp knives


While using a sharp knife, you need to apply a small amount of pressure to slice through food. This ensures you are less likely to cut yourself.


  • There is a name for the colour you see in pitch darkness

Eigengrau, a shade of intrinsic grey, is the colour you see when there is no light in a room.


  • Craving ice can be an indication of iron deficiency


The compulsive munching of ice may be just be a nervous tick for a lot of us. But for some, it may be a way of cooling irritation in the mouth triggered due to iron insufficiency.


  • There is a technique to foil and plastic wrap.


Did you know that there are pierced spots on either side of a box of aluminium foil or plastic wrap? To hold the foil or wrap in place, punch those tabs in and your work becomes so much easier.

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