• Reality and facts aren't always the same. Sometimes, the truth can be concealed by facts.
  • You can continue to whine about something but until you take action, nothing matters.
  • Anything that does not break you, makes you a stronger person.
  • You can never surpass time and logic no matter how much you try.
  • Someone or the other will always criticize you. So, do what you sense in your heart is right.


Every day is a new beginning and you get to learn something new. Here are some interesting fact Quotes associated with your everyday activities that you might not be aware of:


  • You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time


The food and fluids we consume and the air we breathe in, both pass through the same part of our throat.


  • Dull knives are risker to use than sharp knives


While using a sharp knife, you need to apply a small amount of pressure to slice through food. This ensures you are less likely to cut yourself.


  • There is a name for the colour you see in pitch darkness

Eigengrau, a shade of intrinsic grey, is the colour you see when there is no light in a room.


  • Craving ice can be an indication of iron deficiency


The compulsive munching of ice may be just be a nervous tick for a lot of us. But for some, it may be a way of cooling irritation in the mouth triggered due to iron insufficiency.


  • There is a technique to foil and plastic wrap.


Did you know that there are pierced spots on either side of a box of aluminium foil or plastic wrap? To hold the foil or wrap in place, punch those tabs in and your work becomes so much easier.

Fact Quotes

Live your to the fullest, don’t compare it to others
Fact Quotes 105
True love lasts forever it never ends
Fact Quotes 104
Have faith there’s no failure for the believer
Fact Quotes 103
If someone hurt you badly don’t go near to them know your value
Fact Quotes 102
Love yourself first then others will love you
Fact Quotes 101
Don’t give much love to someone who doesn’t deserve that
Fact Quotes 100
Past is passed, future will make us, present a beautiful gift to nurture
Fact Quotes 99
The most experienced person knows more than the most learned
Fact Quotes 98
Have to manage difficulties can’t be free from it, that’s the fact
Fact Quotes 97
Change is necessary, we can’t make the same mistakes twice
Fact Quotes 96
Don’t think what others think of you, be you
Fact Quotes 95
Think for yourself this world is selfish and fake
Fact Quotes 94
Reality is happiness there’s no satisfaction in fake
Fact Quotes 93
Many hurts you not because they’re bad but you gave more place to them
Fact Quotes 92
Even fact is difficult it can’t be change, difficulties what brings victory
Fact Quotes 91
Attitude is more powerful than the knowledge, that’s what the fact
Fact Quotes 90
Even a small change with truthful attitude makes a huge improvement
Fact Quotes 89
A wise belive in truth but a fool accept rumors
Fact Quotes 88
Fact always bitter to digest than lie
Fact Quotes 87
False always spread faster by the haters than fact
Fact Quotes 86
Dream and try to fulfill them, fill your eyes with hope, decide the destination of your own.
Fact Quotes 85
It doesn't only take money to help someone, what it takes is a good mind.
Fact Quotes 84
Connect the stones properly, you'll find a feeling of love in them too.
Fact Quotes 83
It is also a bitter truth that pure love is received only when you are dead.
Fact Quotes 82
When we were young, people use to call us by name, now we are grown up and people call us for their selfishness
Fact Quotes 81
Who fights for change, not to take revenge, always gets success in life and is always happy.
Fact Quotes 80
As is your character, so will be your friends.
Fact Quotes 79