Falling is just not a sentence or its something forcefully happen in everyone's life. It just happens naturally. We cannot relate this with, love happen between two individual.

You can fall in love emotionally or spiritually. Everything depends on the individual state of mind. Usually, people relate these words with love between two individuals, who are madly in love with each other.

You can fall in love with someone, whom you love a lot. Whom you love unconditionally. In love, there are no terms and conditions applied. If you fall in love with someone or it may be one-sided love then also it should be fine, but it should harm you or the other person.

Falling in love is such a lovely feeling, which is quite difficult to define in words. It gives you inner strength, pleasure, and satisfaction. According to psychological theory, fall in love somewhere covers intimacy, passion and commitment.

It is very natural when you love someone, there should be commitment and trust towards them. There should be a bond between two people which makes the relationship strong and healthy.

From my feelings we should not fall in love, we should raise in love.

Falling In Love Quotes