Falling is just not a sentence or its something forcefully happen in everyone's life. It just happens naturally. We cannot relate this with, love happen between two individual.

You can fall in love emotionally or spiritually. Everything depends on the individual state of mind. Usually, people relate these words with love between two individuals, who are madly in love with each other.

You can fall in love with someone, whom you love a lot. Whom you love unconditionally. In love, there are no terms and conditions applied. If you fall in love with someone or it may be one-sided love then also it should be fine, but it should harm you or the other person.

Falling in love is such a lovely feeling, which is quite difficult to define in words. It gives you inner strength, pleasure, and satisfaction. According to psychological theory, fall in love somewhere covers intimacy, passion and commitment.

It is very natural when you love someone, there should be commitment and trust towards them. There should be a bond between two people which makes the relationship strong and healthy.

From my feelings we should not fall in love, we should raise in love.

Falling In Love Quotes

I don’t wish to be a moon and star in your life, allow me to be the sky, to look up and share all that you want.
Falling in love quotes 55
I might not be beside to celebrate your success, but I promise to stay during storms.
Falling in love quotes 54
Love is not trying to pluck the flower, but to leave it in the plant and just suck honey.
Falling in love quotes 53
Never go in search of love. A true love will find you, reach you and make you feel nobody has given.
Falling in love quotes 52
Fall in love but after you fall rise in love.
Falling in love quotes 51
Dream without fear and love without expectations.
Falling in love quotes 50
It’s when I realized I take no effort to think of you, but you are the constant thought running in my mind day and night.
Falling in love quotes 49
You can’t hide the feeling you have for someone. You can’t lie to yourself either. Dictate what your heart tells, life is once and love is eternal.
Falling in love quotes 48
I promise to love you until I find wrinkles in your skin and grey in your hair.
Falling in love quotes 47
Falling in love with you is meaningful than being in love with you.
Falling in love quotes 46
Falling in love with you makes me feel complete. You make me feel safe and healed. You are never in my mind but in my heart and soul.
Falling in love quotes 45
I am wearing the smile you gave. I am holding the heart that you crave. I am living in a soul that we both wave.
Falling in love quotes 44
One day someone will come into your life look into eyes and make you realize what love truly is.
Falling in love quotes 43
Fall in love with someone who makes you feel love is beautiful not hard.
Falling in love quotes 42
Falling in love doesn’t come by forcing or finding reasons. You fall in a flow.
Falling in love quotes 41
Connect with the person who vibes with you as per your mood swings and fall in love with that person for a happy fairytale ending.
falling in love quotes 40
I’m quite surprised for falling in love with you as I never thought to date a man who is shorter than me.
falling in love quotes 39
Getting attached to someone soulfully and mindfully is the true art of falling in love.
falling in love quotes 38
My love for you is more addictive and I want to go to a love rehab to get rid of falling for you again and again.
falling in love quotes 37
I have fallen in love for the first time at a very young age and now I know how not to fall into love traps once again.
falling in love quotes 36
Often love can be materialistic too as I have fallen in love with my piano.
falling in love quotes 35
Without a second thought, I have chosen to fall in love with you over the multiple-choice life has assigned me.
falling in love quotes 34
I married the man whom I dated for the first time, and trust me I’m falling in love with him every day as he is more kind and lovable.
falling in love quotes 33
Nowadays falling in love is as simple as falling asleep, but life after love will be as terrible as scary nightmares.
falling in love quotes 32
My goal since childhood is not to follow anyone for love, I’m just waiting for someone to fall in love with me and follow me unstoppable.
falling in love quotes 31
I’m in love but am not in a commitment, I’m in love not with a human who always expects to be committed, so I have fallen in love with music.
falling in love quotes 30
It is okay that you comment on me as a fool all because I fell in love with you. After all, you are calling me by the correct name.
falling in love quotes 29