Famous Life Quotes - Life is always so unpredictable. No one knows what the next second has for us. As we go on, there will be a lot of hurdles that will block our way to success. Even the most famous and successful ones, would have their own setback and difficulties.
These setbacks are not the just mere blockage but they are your building blocks towards success. There is a lot we can learn
from the lives and success of many great men and here we present them to you in form of famous quotes on life.


The famous quote for students will be their Polaris
towards their goal. Nothing can describe life better than this quote. Find your motivation and achieve great things in life, after all life is too short to wait for things to happen on their own.

Famous Life Quotes

Making your own path is a piece of old advice, and the latest is to make yourself a hero in the path that life takes you through.
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The twists and turns in life are making me an expert in handling the tangled Christmas tree.
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Life is easy for people who laugh at silly jokes, but not all the time.
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If you really can’t feel my presence in your life then close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat as once you told me that is your heartbeat.
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To learn something new in life, do not get trained by an expert, just start doing your own experiments and make yourself an expert.
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I love to dream, not about my life, but about heaven, the place where I want to go after my death.
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Plant the seed of kindness everywhere you go, as it will always give fruitful life not only for you but also for people with whom you show kindness.
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I hate people blabbering about their uniqueness to others, as every person in this world are unique in their own way whether it is good or bad.
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Hearing positive affirmations may keep you calm, though maintaining a positive vibe will be helpful to live a full life.
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The biggest turning point in life happens at an unexpected moment when you barely have an idea of what is going on.
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Every day before going to bed, watch some videos of poor people suffering even for basic needs, and then you will be thankful for the life you are living.
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I am thankful to God for this unpredictable life, as if everything is predicted then there will be no adventure and excitement in life.
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Do not let yourself into an invisible trap by interfering in someone else’s life by ignoring your own life.
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Instead of wasting your time talking about things beyond your eligibility, start focusing on doing small things that could change your life.
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The art of living is not about facing successes all the time, it is all about getting up and moving on after every failure.
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It’s the human creature who can discover everything in the universe. Explore, experience, enjoy.
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Expectations are overload. People with no expectations are the ones with peace of mind
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Attitude towards life matters a lot. The way you react to it keeps you in places you deserve.
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Life might hurt you and show disappointments. Just be strong and pretend like everything is okay. Strong walls shake but never collapse.
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Though life gives you hurdles, cross them with acceptance. Remember a rose flower has thorns in it.
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Be confident to take chances, accept results, be true, appreciate everything, ignore negativity, travel, eat and do crazy things.
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Accept no one’s definition of you. But define yourself.
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The best time is the time spent with you. Enjoy the little things. The purpose of life is to be happy.
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The past cannot be re-written but the future can be pre-written. Live in the present moment.
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Life is too short to be angry and sad. You either plant trees to view a garden or leave it empty to view a dry land.
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People with acceptance and patience are the achievers of life.
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Life may pull you back and put you down; moving forward is the trick behind waking up.
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