Famous Life Quotes - Life is always so unpredictable. No one knows what the next second has for us. As we go on, there will be a lot of hurdles that will block our way to success. Even the most famous and successful ones, would have their own setback and difficulties.
These setbacks are not the just mere blockage but they are your building blocks towards success. There is a lot we can learn
from the lives and success of many great men and here we present them to you in form of famous quotes on life.


The famous quote for students will be their Polaris
towards their goal. Nothing can describe life better than this quote. Find your motivation and achieve great things in life, after all life is too short to wait for things to happen on their own.

Famous Life Quotes

Life teaches me patience in every way in every part
Famous life Quotes 115
Be an inspiration don’t live as idle it never worths
Famous life Quotes 114
When life puts me in difficulties I believe in God there’s something worth will happen
Famous life Quotes 113
Nothing more worth than positive life, peaceful soul and good friends
Famous life Quotes 112
Life is a circle I got what I gave yesterday
Famous life Quotes 111
Before I met I never know what the true love is
Famous life Quotes 110
I want to change my life to create a better nation
Famous life Quotes 109
Sometimes I spent half of my life on thinking what others think of me
Famous life Quotes 108
Love a best thing life can give, love endless from soul
Famous life Quotes 107
Painful life gives me more satisfaction than the life of ease
Famous life Quotes 106
Think that make you wise that make you to take good decisions
Famous life Quotes 105
Don’t look down on anyone, in the past you too live the same
Famous life Quotes 104
Life can be change if you think in right way
Famous life Quotes 103
Life has many ups and downs, but downs teach many lessons than ups
Famous life Quotes 102
Don’t underestimate own self that’s the poison which can’t recover
Famous life Quotes 101
Live in the present, life has many ways to prosper
Famous life Quotes 100
Don’t give up, sun shines after the darkness passed
Famous life Quotes 99
Be thankful no matter where’s the life has put you in
Famous life Quotes 98
When life gives you happiness don’t forget to thank God
Famous life Quotes 97
Life is a miracle for optimist and a burden for pessimist
Famous life Quotes 96
Don’t run after the one who didn’t value you, have faith life will give them a chance to change
Famous life Quotes 95
When life knocks you down don’t forget to get up again
Famous life Quotes 94
Don’t be a worrier, change yourself to be a believer in fate
Famous life Quotes 93
When life gives many difficulties there’s a ease is awaiting to heal
Famous life Quotes 92
Life isn’t easy have to struggle, have to face the challenges
Famous life Quotes 91
Courage ,strength & compassion building in you has the power to conquer all the crests & troughs of lives.
Famous Life Quotes 90
Reality of life is in dwelling & making a choice & challenging the upcoming consequenses of choices and give live a justification.
Famous Life Quotes 89