There are many famous love stories we come across to our life. Like Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Paris and Helen of Troy, Jayne Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara and many more.


These famous lovers had set an example of true love. This gives a lesson to lovers on how committed those lovers are to each other. There is a novel written on this famous lover, which always reminds the story of true love.


True lovers have to face many troubles in their love life. But it is up to them how they together take the challenges and how they overcome them. To fall in love is an easy task, but to stay forever in love creates history.


There are thousands of love stories, which we read in our life. But to become trustworthy, committed in the relationship is the most important part. Love is one of the most powerful emotion of human nature. There are many kind of love but normal people relate love word with two opposite sex.


But it is very important for human beings how they handle his/her love relationship to become famous. Always try to build healthy relationship between each other. Don't try to copy others relationship and implement on your relationship. Let the things go, as simple as water flow in the river.

Famous Love Quotes

Do you Know about the Law of Love It’s the only thing which can uplift your happiness.
Famous love quotes 60
If you don’t believe in universe it’s okay but believe in the inner beauty of your love first.
Famous love quotes 59
If you laugh on another only you can feel the joy. If you love another, both of you can feel it.
Famous love quotes 58
Live or die is your choice, but people agree you if they find Love in it.
Famous love quotes 57
Don’t consider love as your weakness. It is your power the convert others’ weakness into strength.
Famous love quotes 56
Don’t search for love anywhere. Just ask your heart, it is within you.
Famous love quotes 55
We never Die. Because in someone’s life we can exist in real world if our love is true and pure.
Famous love quotes 54
Don’t come to the conclusion that love is fake, only the people are fake.
Famous love quotes 53
Love from bottom of your heart can help you in this universe without doubt.
Famous love quotes 52
Every time god comes to save you if your heart and prayer has devotional love.
Famous love quotes 51
Love is the best way to fill confidence in others to fight their Fears Because it can make them strong.
Famous love quotes 50
Never expect back love from others. One day it will come back to you if you are sincere in your love.
Famous love quotes 49
Never lose hope because sometimes true love hurts. But it is the path for you to make your love strong and worthy.
Famous love quotes 48
You can find yourself on the side of others to stop the quarrel when you love.
Famous love quotes 47
No one is Perfect. But Love has a power to represent you as perfect
Famous love quotes 46
May be this is the time where people look at money. But never forget that LOVE is very sweet honey.
Famous love quotes 45
People with love succeed because they know to take care of others.
Famous love quotes 44
You are always away from your destination if you fail in showing love in the journey of life.
Famous love quotes 43
There isn’t a person anywhere in this world who doesn’t need love. Start sharing it.
Famous love quotes 42
The time never waits for the right time to express your love. Start showing it now.
Famous love quotes 41
Looking at history, Love can be the magic to all of those who know how to give to others.
Famous love quotes 40
Sometimes Better is that to say bye to Money and hello to love which is the warm welcome to happy life.
Famous love quotes 39
If you want to keep safe your bond, focus on hearing your love, not others’ words.
Famous love quotes 38
Anytime, anywhere, anybody has the power to express love because it is capable of changing one’s life.
Famous love quotes 37
The saddest aspect of life right now is that people use love to make money.
Famous love quotes 36
It is not wrong to motivate yourself to change but take care of your love. Never lose it.
Famous love quotes 35
God gives everything to those who are capable, and the best of it is LOVE.
Famous love quotes 34