Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and decreased fertility. It can even lead to premature death.Physical Reaction: Which includes sweating, increased heart rate, and high adrenaline levels. The reaction is known as fight or flight where the person tends to run away and hides himself from the threat.Emotional Reaction: It has positive emotions as well negative emotions, positive emotions includes some sports like bungee jumping, skydiving where the person enjoys the fear of fun, whereas in negative emotions a person avoids the fear of fun.Fear is also a response to mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder As soon as one’s body recognizes fear, the brain starts working, alerting the nervous system. The human brain releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, increasing blood pressure, and adrenaline. One starts breathing faster, and blood flow in the body changes. In adult life unemployment, retirement, demise of companions, natural calamities like super cyclone or viral fever, old age etc. can cause fear.Due to fear, heartbeat raises, rapid pulse rate, dryness of the throat, churning in the stomach, frequent urinal trembling, confusion, fainting, inability to concentrate, and crying aloud. Hear are some of Fear Quotes.

Fear Quotes

Courage does not lie in hiding your fears, but in acknowledging them.
Fear Quotes 100
Do not underestimate the power of your mind. It can conquer all the fears that come your way.
Fear Quotes 99
There are many reasons to fear but one is enough to overcome it.
Fear Quotes 98
Adventurous people fight terror at every stage of their life. Overcoming fear is their goal of life.
Fear Quotes 97
There is a simple mantra to overcome fear of failure - do not think of the outcome, just focus on the effort.
Fear Quotes 96
Do not let the fear of failure stop you because giving up is the biggest failure.
Fear Quotes 95
It is not the circumstances that make you afraid but your state of mind.
Fear Quotes 94
Fear is an obstacle worth overcoming because the other side lies victory.
Fear Quotes 93
People often lie when they are afraid. Truthful people are fearless.
Fear Quotes 92
Your fear is often meaningless and senseless. Don't try to reason with it, just kill it.
Fear Quotes 91
The biggest challenge life gives you is fear. Once you overcome it, everything would seem easier.
Fear Quotes 90
If you dare to give it a try, it would save you from the regret of not trying.
Fear Quotes 89
If others can do it, so can you. It is just your doubt and fear that is holding you back.
Fear Quotes 88
If you live in fear, you can never enjoy what life offers you.
Fear Quotes 87
The more you face your fears, the stronger and more confident you become.
Fear Quotes 86
When you embark on a new journey fear always comes to test your determination. Once you begin, it vanishes.
Fear Quotes 85
The point where the fear ends, empowerment begins.
Fear Quotes 84
Unless you face your fears you will not know how brave you are.
Fear Quotes 83
If you are afraid, you will die every day. If you are not, you will die only once.
Fear Quotes 82
If you know how to conquer your fear, you can conquer the world.
Fear Quotes 81
Only a fearless man can have high ambition, big dreams and great aspirations.
Fear Quotes 80
Your fear is your biggest enemy. Never let it win.
Fear Quotes 79
There is no better way of conquering fear than facing it.
Fear Quotes 78
Brave people are not the ones who don't fear. They are the ones who know how to overcome fear.
Fear Quotes 77
Before you allow your mind to be afraid of anything, check if it’s worth it.
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You don't need to fear anything in the world except God.
Fear Quotes 75
We often pretend to be stronger than we are in order to hide our insecurities and fear.
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