Flying is a well-known term that has been used to define transportation from one another place on the sky. It's a common word for both birds and airplanes. Whenever we see them, we wish to have wings to fly like them. However, we don't have it!

Fly means freedom! When we see someone happy or on cloud nine, we would say they are flying!

On the other hand, Fly means that whatever height is required to succeed in anything you want in your life, no matter what difficulties you face. In those conditions, we would say fly height as much as nobody catches you. We wish you want to reach your destination, so here we've listed some Flying quotes associated with flying. 

Flying Quotes

feel proud when you reach your destination, because we fly from low to high for creation.
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your aim should be the only point till you fly, don't ever let these obstacles make you cry.
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If you fall while flying, just remember, empires are build on thousands of sacrifices.
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you only live once, so give your best shot, fly as higher as you can, open all your knots.
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walking around with no problem, just live, fly, and be yourself.
flying quotes 21
i want to learm how to fly with all my power, so that i feel blessed when the rain showers.
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flying is like talking to the winds around you, making yourself happy with a great view.
flying quotes 19
once you overcome all your fears, you fly all around, because we all start learning from the ground.
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flying with passion, expressing emotions, is all you need to have some devotion.
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the sky has no limits, you can fly as much as you want, don't let the failures make you haunt.
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flying with all my dreams and goals in my heart, i am learning how to make a good start.
flying quotes 15
never loose hope accept the situations as it is, because you learn how to fly after a great fall.
flying quotes 14
flying in the open sky with arms open wide, what you want to do, you have to decide.
flying quotes 13
a firefly glow in the night flying here and there, bringing lots of hope and happiness everywhere.
flying quotes 12
fly high and high is all i dreamed of, oh world, please Don't let me stop.
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you don't have to forget flying while you are one rest, because no matter what situations are, you have to be best.
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in the plane between the clouds, its like flying without wings.
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sometimes all we want is a hand to hold, so that we can fly higher and be bold.
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newly born birds learn to fly with all efforts, you too should try and loose your all defects.
flying quotes 7
feel the breezing winds while you fly, Never ever forget to give a try.
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flying with confidence, in the sky full of rain, good things comes to those who passes all the pain.
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a heart felt feelings can sometimes fly high, so let your emotions out, don't be shy.
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a bird fly in the sky with open wings, if she will be caged, she will only Sting.
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sometimes we have to learn to fly after crashing,we have to make ourselves strong with understanding.
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i want to fly so hard that it doesn't matter even if i fall, because its my only call.
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