Flying is a well-known term that has been used to define transportation from one another place on the sky. It's a common word for both birds and airplanes. Whenever we see them, we wish to have wings to fly like them. However, we don't have it!

Fly means freedom! When we see someone happy or on cloud nine, we would say they are flying!

On the other hand, Fly means that whatever height is required to succeed in anything you want in your life, no matter what difficulties you face. In those conditions, we would say fly height as much as nobody catches you. We wish you want to reach your destination, so here we've listed some Flying quotes associated with flying. 

Flying Quotes

Don’t treat your mind like a prisoner; you are born to search for the dreams in skies. Fly like an eagle.
flying quotes 85
Challenges are like clouds they might hide your path but it will fade out.
flying quotes 84
Aim of flying high doesn’t begin from where you start it begins from your heart.
flying quotes 83
Even if not a bird, try being a butterfly. It counts the blessings of its little wings by giving up being a caterpillar.
flying quotes 82
Once you have seen heights you will never have the thought of returning back
flying quotes 81
Sun shines, wind breeze, birds flying everything is found above. So look high to experience a beautiful life.
flying quotes 80
Flying can fill your life with experiences. It’s worth is more than the things that you have.
flying quotes 79
Once you believe in yourself you will have all that you need. Find your dreams called wings and spread wide with confidence.
flying quotes 78
Once you have experienced the pleasure of flying high you would never bother to look down.
flying quotes 77
When you have the ability to fly high why would you choose to crawl down.
flying quotes 76
The higher you fly the bigger you think. It opens up your mind and easies your soul.
flying quotes 75
Let your goals be up to the sky let your actions move like a train and your achievements fly like flights.
flying quotes 74
Spread your wings for sky is not the limit. Believe that you are destined to reach heights.
flying quotes 73
Always aim high, dream big. Have the desire of reaching the top so that no one could see you.
flying quotes 72
Never worry about the falls of life, every flying start from the ground.
flying quotes 71
Flying and sailing are the best while flying we could see stars and moons and while sailing we could see starfishes and whales.
Flying quotes 70
Be courageous just like the pilots if they ever doubt their ability, then we could never fly safely on flights.
Flying quotes 69
I love taking flights as I love flying but I hate getting seats near the wings as it makes my ear drum get invisible damages.
Flying quotes 68
Rise and fly as much as possible, so that you could able to see the world above you and could understand that you are living in a small circle.
Flying quotes 67
The reason why women are compared to angels is that women are protecting their loved ones just like the angels do, but women can’t fly because they have invisible wings.
Flying quotes 66
I am teaching my daughters to be an eagle rather than a parrot because I don’t want my daughters to be locked in a golden cage, I just want them to fly high.
Flying quotes 65
It creates a big wound in my heart whenever I remember our days like birds flying together happily and loving each other dearly, I just miss those days badly.
Flying quotes 64
I don’t have wings to fly so I bought an airplane with wings, now I could fly anywhere in the world happily.
Flying quotes 63
I want myself to be a butterfly, flying high in the skies happily without any stress and having a friendship with beautiful flowers, I just need that life.
Flying quotes 62
Have faith and trust your instincts, so that you could fly as without hope and faith a bird is never able to fly in the sky.
Flying quotes 61
I just want myself to lose some weight, so I dropped my ego, and anger and most importantly got rid of negative people and now I can fly high easily.
Flying quotes 60
Never doubt your ability and never do the mistake of self-underestimating as you have invisible superpowers even if you have wings for flying high.
Flying quotes 59