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What is Food ?

Food is an essential substance which provides nutritional value for an organism.

The food that we take is from the plant and animal origin which consists of essential nutrients. Food contains the nutrition which is very much needs for living things to survive.

In ancient days humans secured food through hunting, gathering and agriculture. History tells that the stone age people had a raw food which means they did not cook anything at all. 

Food contains protein,fat,carbohydrates,vitamins,water and minerals. Food for humans is usually comes through farming or gardening.

People who refuse to eat food from animal sources such as meat,egg etc..are Vegetarians and the rest are Non-vegetarians.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy and normal life. 

Food is mainly consists of two components.

First of all, macronutrients ( major nutritional compounds present relatively in larger amounts).

The best examples for macro nutrients are protein,fat,lipids etc. Second of all, micro nutrients( minor nutritional compounds present in smaller amounts. For example,vitamin water,fibre are the micronutrients. 

Without food,human being can not live on earth. Everyone has to take particular amount of food regularly.

Consumption of junk food may leads to obesity,Heart attack and the risk of life. Better avoid these kinds of junk. some of the junk foods that we should avoid are Pizza, burger, hot dog, bajji ( Indian food) Bonda ( Indian food variety) and the like.

These foods contain oil, chemicals in a very large amount. 

If you want to be healthy, you must eat vegetables,fruits which are fresh and in good condition. A healthy food makes us live healthy. On the other hand, a junk makes us to die very soon. 

Food sayings and quotes :

For the  better growth and development,everyone needs energy and nutrients daily. Food provides lot and lot of nutrients and energy. Human body needs five main nutrients namely


2. Fat

3. protein

4. vitamins

5. minerals

Lack of any nutrient leads to poor health condition. we should not waste food because many people are suffering from extreme hunger especially in India..

Hunger is the most deadly poison of all. If we have more food, we should share them with the people who are in need of it. We should realize the importance of food. Hence here I want to mention it's significance.

The significance of food throughout everyday is as follows , 

1. we take food for Vitality

2. For body shape and structure

3. For bodybuilding

4. For medications to act

5. To defeat pressure

6. To conquer infection or turmoil

Realizing the importance of food, there are many sayings.

Fran Lebowitz says," Food is an important part of a balanced diet".

Bethany Frakel mentions," Your diet is a bank account. 

Good food choices are good investments".

Alfred Newman states the condition of today's world in a very famous quote which is, we are living in a world  where lemonade is from artificial flavors and furniture polish is from the real lemon

Food quotes about cheese :

Cheese is one of the most common foods in the world. people all over the world prefer cheese in their daily life. Cheese is the great source of calcium,fat and protein.

There are nine types of cheese which are good for our health. They are,

1. Mozzarella

2. Blue cheese

3. Feta

4. Cottage cheese

5. Ricotta

6. Parmesan

7. Swiss

8. Cheddar

9. Goat

Cheese is the key for blood clotting,wound healing and maintaining blood pressure.

Like a coin has two sides,cheese also has its demerits.

Cheese provides beneficial nutrients for omnivores such as calcium .

This is because fat is an energy-dense nutrient which leads to overweight. It is a famous proverb that old cheese, old wine and old friends  are the best forever It is good for health but we should take it in a proper manner.

Eating food at the restaurant all the time is not good. It may also results in risk. It will be very nice if we prefer the food prepares by our sweet mothers. 

We can go the restaurant just for having fun and not all the time. So I wish you all to have a healthy and disease free life.

Food Quotes

Every mother- in-law is good in nature. But when it comes to food prepared by the daughter-in-law, then they are playing their role as real mother-in- law.
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Do not talk badly about the preparation of home food. Because a hosteler knows the importance of home food.
food quotes 29
Every mother has a unique style of cooking food. So enjoy and have it.
food quotes 27
Don't ignore your mother's food. Because ask the person who doesn't have a mother.
food quotes 27
No one can steal the taste of Indian food. Wherever we go, we crave for the taste.
food quotes 26
Food is the only thing that satisfies everyone in the world.
food quotes 25
Breakfast, lunch or dinner with you is the best moment that I enjoy everyday.
food quotes 24
Eating food is a part of everyone's life. Likewise cooking food is an art of everyone's life too.
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I don't like to cook food. But I cook everyday for you whether it tastes good or bad. It doesn't matter. Because it binds us and makes our life sweet.
food quotes 22
Don't waste food. Because food plays a crucial role in most people's life.
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In auspicious work, the food should be prepared as much so that after saving it can be donated to a poor person.
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When we choose good food, we forget about disease and disease forgets about us. It is important to eat for hungry rather than for taste.
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When we are hungry we eat food for us. When we eat when we are not in hungry, we eat someone's food. Share your food.
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Variety of foods to Hunger less stone. Hunger for a man who cannot starve.
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Eating and serving food can describe your background that how much tasty food you can serve or eat everyday.
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delicious food can lavish your hunger easily.
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Delicious Food can make the relationship strong between the families.
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Delicious food can change the mood of every person in any situation.
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Serving food can show the taste of the people.
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Food is the only thing which is important to live without food we can't even imagine the day.
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Food deserves respect when people are hungry on the other people through the food when they have more food without any respect
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Always give respect to the food so that you never be hungry in any difficult situation.
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Cooking food is like just playing with ingredients just add the ingredients in the recipe and taste it you love cooking food just like playing
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Eating healthy food give you a healthy life forever.
food quotes 7
delicious food can change your negative attitude to positive attitude.
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Choose wisely while choosing your food, because nature of food changes nature of you.
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Eating good food gives you freshness and instant clarification of thoughts.
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