Fool Quotes - Describing a fool is Simple. Quality of talking unwise decision, Not judging anything properly, doing stupid things, and easily receivable. Nobody wishes to be fooled. Always everyone makes sure that they are not fooled anywhere.

There is one famous quote from William Shakespeare. He claims a fool thinks himself wise, but just a man knows himself to be a fool means that a foolish person thinks and speaks as if he knows everything and that whatever he speaks and thinks is correct, which is the source of his foolishness.

A smart man, on the other hand, never believes that he knows everything and believes that anyone can trick him, consequently he will always be on a prolonged mental journey in order to prevent being fooled. Here are some fool quotes

Fool Quotes

Best test to find people’s intentions is by playing dumb. Think smart, find the truth, keep moving.
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Better to play mum than to go smart. I’m not stupid; I’m just lazy to show my smartness
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The trick of a smart man knows when to play the dumb role. You will know how certain people move.
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When you admit you have done something foolish to others: it’s the time you are close to enlightening.
Fool quotes 37
He who despairs over an event is a coward. It’s like testing the depth of water by putting in both the legs.
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Words of a wise man have something to say. Words of a fool are because they have to say something.
Fool quotes 35
The one who is true to himself becomes wise. The one who fools others ends up fooling himself.
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Until you are ready to look yourself foolish you will never have the possibility of seeing yourself intelligent.
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A fool keeps him proving by his speech, a wise man shows by his silence.
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A fool’s mistake is known to the world. Mistake of a wise man is known to him. Identifying your own mistake is the greatest lesson.
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Being wise for one day is worth a fool’s life. Have a funny fool’s day.
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There is nothing wrong in playing a role of a fool to a fool who thinks he is fooling you.
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Giving advice to fools is like feeding cherries to pigs. Don’t waste time being with a fool.
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Life is too short to be with fools. Walk away, else it will take your joy.
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Argument with a fool can gradually make you one. Silence is the best reply you can give a fool.
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A foolish man walks in uninvited and speaks without asking, believes in whom he should not be believed
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Sitting and crying for hours for the person who has left you is an act of foolishness.
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Foolish people worry about the lives of others, the result is that they forget to move in their lives.
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To help an innocent person or to take help from them are both foolish.
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It is a foolish step to tell your secret under the control of feelings.
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It is foolish to expect people to change on their own will because people are to change only by their own wishes and not by our wishes.
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Before doing any work, one must think about its consequences, because after doing work it is foolish to think about its result..
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It is the biggest foolishness to step in someone's enthusiasm..
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Wise people keep quiet, clever people speak and fool people argue.
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The fool didn't know it was impossible.. so he did it..
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It's better to be alone than to be friends with a fool.
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Foolish people are engaged in ruining others, it is wise to avoid such people.
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