'Love' is a sensation that is impossible to properly explain in words. For others, it's about sharing basic life events with your best friend, while for others, it's about that passionate, all-consuming experience. Jealousy, heartbreak, misunderstandings, and loneliness are all bad things that can happen in a relationship, yet love can transcend them all.


Forever love is something that you embrace, not something that is found or lucked upon. it is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience in your life. If you have individuals in your life who adore you, you are extremely blessed. Parents, friends, and spouses, the love you have for someone is a powerful emotion that should be treated with respect. In love, there is a give and take. You commit yourself completely to the relationship, with no desire or expectation of receiving something in return from your spouse to justify your behavior. It's pure joy. Even if you're hurting or having a bad day, just seeing this specific person smile or laugh out loud brings you immense joy.


Embrace your forever love by the quotes given

Forever Love Quotes

I might have fallen in love, with your smile but I stay in love with you, because of your heart.
forever love quotes 146
Love can’t be bought to be given. Love is meant to be forever. And forever doesn’t need promises it’s a soul connection that lasts a life time.
forever love quotes 145
Love lasts forever from when you have nothing until you have everything.
forever love quotes 144
You aren’t a gift from god to be kept somewhere, but you are a treasure sent from an angel to be loved every moment.
forever love quotes 143
True love is something that increases day by day even with imperfections and flaws.
forever love quotes 142
My love for you cannot be expressed in words on a paper it is carved in my heart and soul in which words are invisible.
forever love quotes 141
Love towards you happened in a moment, I am cherishing with memories and I would do anything to make it last forever.
forever love quotes 140
I don’t want to be a sunrise in your life that fades and rises, I wish to be the sky of your life sheltering you forever.
forever love quotes 139
In this journey of love let us travel begin with forever and end never. Let the roads bring wonderful ride.
forever love quotes 138
Deep down in my heart, love for me to you is pure and true, and it deserves only you.
forever love quotes 137
You are the lyrics of my every song which makes our love alive forever.
forever love quotes 136
Life may be short but love is forever. Rivers may drain out of water but the sea never dries like my love for you never dies.
forever love quotes 135
Love is a never ending promise to be kept forever. It doesn’t fade; if it fades it’s not love.
forever love quotes 134
I promise to love you until my breath exists and my heart beats.
forever love quotes 133
Everyday seems not enough to admire you and forever seems very short to love you.
forever love quotes 132
I am ready to lose anyone just for you, people can call me mad, but only I know the way you love me and your love makes me exist in this rough world.
forever love quotes 130
Our souls are bound together as the truth of love and for us, this relationship is forever and even death can’t separate the bounded souls.
forever love quotes 131
Let us make many children, not to increase the population of our country but to show the world that our love is uncountable through our infinite number of children.
forever love quotes 129
I will stop loving you during the year when the month of February has 30 days or more. Because am tired of explaining my forever love to you.
forever love quotes 127
I was not sure that my soulmate exists in the world until I saw you, and I know I want another world to live peacefully with you forever.
forever love quotes 128
I cannot say that my love for you is beyond infinity but I could promise you that my love for you is forever, even after my death.
forever love quotes 126
We never proposed to each other and never exchanged any gifts with each other, though our love is eternal and forever.
forever love quotes 125
I want the day to come soon, the day we could start sharing our life as husband and wife and stay together forever.
forever love quotes 124
My pride and self-respect break into pieces in front of you, and the only things I could see is the beauty of your eyes are the reflection of your love for me.
forever love quotes 123
You are the whole me, I could see my reflection only on you and the love we share makes our life fly high over the moon.
forever love quotes 122
I have both love and lust for you, but my lust is not like something that fades away, it is forever lusting and I can never get enough of you.
forever love quotes 121
I cannot say that my half heart is with you, because I gave my full heart to you on the day I saw you and I will never take the heart back forever.
forever love quotes 120