'Love' is a sensation that is impossible to properly explain in words. For others, it's about sharing basic life events with your best friend, while for others, it's about that passionate, all-consuming experience. Jealousy, heartbreak, misunderstandings, and loneliness are all bad things that can happen in a relationship, yet love can transcend them all.


Forever love is something that you embrace, not something that is found or lucked upon. it is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience in your life. If you have individuals in your life who adore you, you are extremely blessed. Parents, friends, and spouses, the love you have for someone is a powerful emotion that should be treated with respect. In love, there is a give and take. You commit yourself completely to the relationship, with no desire or expectation of receiving something in return from your spouse to justify your behavior. It's pure joy. Even if you're hurting or having a bad day, just seeing this specific person smile or laugh out loud brings you immense joy.


Embrace your forever love by the quotes given

Forever Love Quotes

You are the only one for whom I care, we have always been together and will always stay.
forever love quotes 26
Our love is eternal, we'll stay together always, stars and the moon isn't enough to measure our love's weight.
forever love quotes 25
You are my love, you are my desire, without you by my side, I couldn't survive. Love you forever
forever love quotes 24
Our love will last forever, this is what I think, I only want you and don't care of anything.
forever love quotes 23
Everytime you smile, it touches my soul, be mine forever everything else I don't know. Love you.
forever love quotes 22
We met by chance and became lovers, hold my hand and walk besides me forever. Love you to the stars.
forever love quotes 21
Don't promise me diamonds, don't promise me cars, just promise me one thing and that's your love forever.
forever love quotes 20
Like the two shores of river, we are not destined to meet, but I'll love you forever that will never end.
forever love quotes 19
I promise you now and I promised you then, my love for you is forever which will never end.
forever love quotes 18
We manifestated with rage, then became great friends, now we are lovers until our last breath.
forever love quotes 17
Loving you is my passion, I can't stop it, you are always on my mind and I can't help it. Love you forever Jaan.
forever love quotes 16
In this world of betray and envy, my love for you is forever and is without any greed.
forever love quotes 15
I just wanna love you, not less or more, just hold my hand and walk with me forever. I love you.
forever love quotes 14
'forever' seems small whenever I hold your hand, whenever I'm with you, I forget everything else.
forever love quotes 13
You are someone like no other, you love me like no other, well be forever together dear. Love you forever.
forever love quotes 12
I was living in the dark nights, you are the one who turned them into brightest mornings. Love you forever.
forever love quotes 11
Holding your hand, I'll take you away from this world, where no one will see you only I can. I love you.
forever love quotes 10
I'm no longer inmy senses, you have captured my everything.
forever love quotes 9
I will never let you be apart from my heart, I'll never leave your hand away, Your smile is so sweet that even if die, I'll never let you cry.
forever love quotes 8
We will never be apart, our love will be as it is today, it'll be same tomorrow and the next day. Love you forever Jaan.
forever love quotes 7
All I want is you and this is my promise, as long as we both live, my love for you will never be less. Love you forever baby.
forever love quotes 6
My heart wanna love you, I will give you all the happiness, I will love you forever until my last breathe.
forever love quotes 5
My eyes wanna see you, my nights want your dreams, I will love you forever and that's my promise. I love you
forever love quotes 4
Whether the time be good or bad, I will always be there with you. Love you forever.
forever love quotes 3
I have no right on her love, but I'll wait for her until the last breath of my heart.
forever love quotes 2
I will accompany you being your shadow, wherever you'll go I'll follow, when the shadow leaves you in the dark, I'll be the light for sure.
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