Best, Unique And Beautiful Forgiveness Quotes

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Forgiveness Quotes

"One of the biggest sacrifices is forgiveness".

Why we should forgive a person?

Forgiveness is also known as giving up on someone who wound us by words. Forgiving is the best quality which decides a person.

We should forgive a person because forgiving someone is good. Because forgiving a person may give some peace for them.

As well as peace for themselves and it is necessary to forgive a person.

Forgive and forget is the best thing in this world.

Nowadays people need someone to forgive your mistakes only. Not everyone can forgive a person only few are well versed in it.

We should forgive because God forgave all our mistakes and loved us. That's why we should forgive a person.

"I never used to forgive anyone that easy but I forgive you because you're my friend".

Forgiveness can save a relationship.

Forgiveness can save a relationship because hurtings and wounds are common. If we are in a relationship we used to have a bad temper.

Where we lose our temper and hurt them badly by words. If the other person is ready to forgive you that's the best thing.

Even though they hurt you should be ready to forgive them.

Relationships nowadays needs to be forgiven because misunderstandings comes and goes. But forgiveness never comes from a bad tempered person.

Relationship always needs to be forgiven, because it may save your lovelife. Forgiving someone's mistake is the best thing which it is given by God.

"You may hurt me hundred times but I never hate you, instead I forgive you every time my dear love".

Forgiveness- an act of kindness.

Forgiveness is always shows your good side, because forgiveness shows your kindness.

Everyone can kill you by words but forgiveness is the best punishment that we can give.

Forgiving someone won't change your past but it can help you to have a good future. So, forgiveness is very much Important in everyone's life.

Because we should learn to forgive everyone's mistake which that shows your love for humanity. Not only relationships can save, where you can save your life.

Kindness is always shows a kind gesture of yourself where forgiveness plays a vital role.

"Only God can forgive all your sins, and loves you more than you do".

"Whatever it may be forgiveness comes only from pure heart".

The forgiveness in the life is helpful in maintaining our strained relations back and we can recover from certain earlier disputes by forgiving other people. The forgiveness is a very good quality of life and we can solve various higher rivalries on the basis of forgiveness. We should follow forgiveness in the life.


Person who apologies is higher than person who forgives... For it requires more power in self to accept one's fault and apologize....


Forgiveness gives you best approach with people in life. Learn to forget about the things they have told you or behave with you it is good for you rather to others.


When you don't like what people has behaved with you just ignore everything otherwise you are only the sufferer. Life is very short and enjoy life with great pleasure.


Forgiveness is a best quality of a person. If you want to take revenge it hurts you only and people are happy watching you get irritated.


Sometimes to forget certain things is very much required. It is very nice nature and enjoy life having such a nice quality that you are having.


It is advisable to forgive what irritates you. Forget about it and you will fill happy. It is a very difficult but you can do it. As long as you keep those things with you, you are only wii be in difficult time.


Have a habit of forgiveness in life. If someone quarrels too much with you learn to forget those words it affects you only not to others.


Have a habit of forgiveness in life. Everyone is acting the way you want and if you don't like certain things you can avoid doing this.


Certain things one should forget in life it is very important for everyone to forget those memories which irritates you.


It is very hard to understand this but one has to forget past and live life with great interest. It is very important to forget about your past.


I will forgive you for what you did but promise me that you will never come back


Forgive when there is relation but never forget when you got cheated