Friday Quotes - Many people in this world wait for this particular day, because its the end of the 'hectic' work week and school week. There could be no day equal to a Friday , as everyone keep waiting curiously for the week to end and look forward to enjoy the weekend happily with friends and family. One can sleep peacefully on Friday night as they need not worry about work , just think about chilling the week

Everyone gives out a long breathe when it comes to Friday. It's like a big relief where people can keep aside their stress, work pressure, peer pressure etc. Hence they can spend their weekend with friends by hanging out, spending time with family, can also spend time for oneself where they can do what they wish. So one can excel in his personality also.

Some of the Friday Quotes gives you the motivational and inspirational nudge one needs. Friday quotes also conveys its impact in funny manner also.

Friday Quotes

On every weekend, weakness completely ends and full energy comes.
Friday quotes 89
Friday is an insane day which is a beautiful mess.
Friday quotes 88
Friday is the only day that brings happiness and contentment.
Friday quotes 87
I am in love with Friday so other days don’t matter to me.
Friday quotes 86
I am very close to my freedom, Friday is coming guys!
Friday quotes 85
Life seems to be positive and active when Friday arrives.
Friday quotes 84
Cooking and eating is an amazing job to spend Friday.
Friday quotes 83
I wish I had the number of Friday’s, would have called and asked to come soon.
Friday quotes 82
Friday gives us the chance to spend our time with the people we love.
Friday quotes 81
I hope my love for Friday increases day by day just like my work.
Friday quotes 80
Friday is a magical day for which everyone waits for
Friday quotes 79
Friday gives us the positive vibe of working hard in the whole week
Friday quotes 78
I always cook my favourite meal on Friday and enjoy it.
Friday quotes 77
Partying on Friday makes us realise we have other things to do except for work.
Friday quotes 76
Friday is the most exciting day and we too pay attention to this day.
Friday quotes 75
I had enough workload for the entire week. Now it’s Friday so I am going to hit the dance floor.
Friday quotes 74
Fridays are emotions for working people, it is the day which gives them peace.
Friday quotes 73
Monday is so far away from Friday but not the same case with Friday.
Friday quotes 72
I am gonna do something on Friday which I’ll miss in the other days.
Friday quotes 71
I start sharing my love on Friday with my family which use to be absent in the week.
Friday quotes 70
Friday shows us the weekend, the time to cherish and chill.
Friday quotes 69
Friday is the day in the entire week which is unique from the rest of the days
Friday quotes 68
Friday feels like my soul has been replenished with eternal peace.
Friday quotes 67
It’s Monday! Again I am gonna miss Friday very badly.
Friday quotes 66
Give high-five if you too think that Friday gives good and positive vibes.
Friday quotes 65
Friday makes me lazy and I feel like to sleep only.
Friday quotes 64
I think there is no difference between heaven and Friday.
Friday quotes 63