Friday Quotes - Many people in this world wait for this particular day, because its the end of the 'hectic' work week and school week. There could be no day equal to a Friday , as everyone keep waiting curiously for the week to end and look forward to enjoy the weekend happily with friends and family. One can sleep peacefully on Friday night as they need not worry about work , just think about chilling the week

Everyone gives out a long breathe when it comes to Friday. It's like a big relief where people can keep aside their stress, work pressure, peer pressure etc. Hence they can spend their weekend with friends by hanging out, spending time with family, can also spend time for oneself where they can do what they wish. So one can excel in his personality also.

Some of the Friday Quotes gives you the motivational and inspirational nudge one needs. Friday quotes also conveys its impact in funny manner also.

Friday Quotes

Weekends are always special even though you have a list of schedules on the table. Something from inside tells you ‘it’s weekend, you can indulge yourself a bit
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On this auspicious Friday may the lord bless you with full of adventures and good times. May all the negativity fade away.
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Reminder: it’s Friday! Share the love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss.
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Best way to spend Friday is by doing what you love with the people whom you love.
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It’s worth taking a break from a whole hard working week. Breathe because it’s Friday. Plan because it’s a weekend.
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Mondays create reasons for working. Fridays are for valid excuses for almost anything.
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Work begins on Monday, fun begins on Friday. Happy weekend.
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Have a fantastic Friday. May your last week of the day be filled with peace, love and joy.
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Music is louder on Friday’s, streets light brighter on Friday’s. Weekend sounds better than weekdays.
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Food and Friday are my favorite ‘F’ words. Happy Friday everyone.
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Weekdays gets better if you have good weekend. Make stories for Monday.
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When I hear better days are coming, it means Saturday and Sunday
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People wait all year for summer. Few wait all life for happiness. I wait all week for Friday
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Monday is so far from Friday, but I worry why Friday is so close to Monday.
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Friday can see more smiles on faces than Monday can see. Friday afternoon feels like heaven.
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