Christmas is an annual religious and cultural festival celebrated worldwide on December 25 marking the birth of Jesus Christ. It precedes the season of Advent, or the Nativity Fast, and begins the season of Christmastide. Whereas, in the West lasts for twelve days and culminates on Twelfth Night. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many countries. Majority of Christians observe it religiously and many non-Christians celebrate it culturally. Also, it is an important element of the holiday season. The church decided on December 25 in the early fourth century. However, the month and date of Jesus' birth remain unknown. On the Roman calendar, this corresponds to the winter solstice. It is nine months after the Annunciation, which falls on March 25, the spring equinox. Most Christians celebrate on December 25 around the world. However, some parts of Eastern Christian Churches celebrate on December 25 as per Old Julian calendar. But this date corresponds to January 7 in the Gregorian calendar. According to Luke and Matthew's gospels, Jesus was born in Bethlehem to the Virgin Mary. According to Luke's gospel, Joseph and Mary journeyed from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the census. After which Jesus was born in a manger there. Shepherds adored him after angels declared him as savior for all the people. The magi followed a star to Bethlehem to bring gifts to Jesus, the Jewish king, according to Matthew's account. The family escaped to Egypt and then returned to Nazareth after King Herod ordered the slaughter of all the boys under the age of two in Bethlehem. In the Roman calendar, the winter solstice fell on December 25. Saint Augustine's sermon from the late fourth century explains why this was an appropriate day to commemorate Christ's birth. Here are few Funny Christmas Quotes that follows:

Funny Christmas Quotes

Jesus a best gift from God, follow him, have haven in here after life
funny christmas quotes 25
Love you all to the moon and back, live awesome, celebrate Christmas with Santa
funny christmas quotes 24
May this Christmas day brings much hope and best life merry Christmas best wishes to everyone
funny christmas quotes 23
Have Christmas dinner with family, spend the diner with much satisfaction and happiness
funny christmas quotes 22
A snow man with caps looks beautiful a special wine, decoration of the tree all completes the Christmas
funny christmas quotes 21
Best gift are not the people are given but that’s kindness, compassion and helping tendencies are best gift
funny christmas quotes 20
Be a light in the darkness, as the light in Christmas tree shines that shows peace and love
funny christmas quotes 19
spending time with the family is precious one, ask the value of family from the one who doesn’t have family
funny christmas quotes 18
Live each day with enthusiasm and much love, celebrate Christmas well with relatives and friends
funny christmas quotes 17
Cook delicious foods in Christmas which taste sweet as Santa Claus and his gifts
funny christmas quotes 16
Wishing you a merry Christmas, enjoy the day, have fun and enjoyment live in the present moment
funny christmas quotes 15
Christmas songs are good to hear that brings away sadness and brings much bliss
funny christmas quotes 14
A Christmas tree looks beautiful with lights but humans are worst when they’re rich, trees are better than them
funny christmas quotes 13
Christmas day a birthday of Jesus, everyone celebrate with much enthusiasm and love, share their thoughts and prayers on this day
funny christmas quotes 12
Santa Claus a bubbly uncles surround with them to get best and unexpected gifts
funny christmas quotes 11
Love Santa, love mass, love gifts and ask more from God, live awesome
funny christmas quotes 10
A new dresses, new set of shoes, new accessories are the best part of every Christmas, give much love to family on that special occasion
funny christmas quotes 9
Santa a good friend, enjoy with them live life and love, merry Christmas
funny christmas quotes 8
The true meaning of Santa is joy happiness and his born day, merry Christmas
funny christmas quotes 7
Santa’s stomach a big everyone expects big from Santa as his stomach to lead happily
funny christmas quotes 6
Don’t get fat that much stay lean to eat on Christmas day more special foods are awaiting that day
funny christmas quotes 5
Christmas day are the one our family people live without arguments
funny christmas quotes 4
The real joy of Christmas is Santa Claus, he brings gifts Chacolates, Santa visit only once a year that’s what he escapes from daily gifts
funny christmas quotes 3
Jesus a God’s messenger faithful and wise, his wisdom is superior
funny christmas quotes 2
Christmas a blessed day for Christians the day of celebration the day of excitement joy and hopefulness
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