Funny Love Quotes: The term "love" is used to express a strong attraction and emotional bond. Love encompasses a wide range of strong and pleasant emotional and mental states. From the highest virtue or good habit to the deepest interpersonal affection and the simplest pleasure. An example of this multiplicity meaning, the love of a mother differs from that of spouse and the love for food. Love tends to have both positive and negative aspects, with the virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection. The unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. It can also refer to acts of compassion and affection for other people, oneself, or animals. Love, in all of its forms, is a significant facilitator of interpersonal relationships. It is is one of the most common subjects in the creative arts, owing to its primary psychological value. Love has been proposed as function that keeps humans together in the face of threats and aids in species' survival. The six sorts of love outlined by ancient Greek philosophers. They are familial love (Storge), friendly love or platonic love (Philia), passionate love (Eros), self-love (Philautia), guest love (Xenia), and heavenly love (Xenia) (Agape). Other varieties of love described by modern authors include unrequited love, empty love, compassionate love, consummate love, infatuated love. Over the last two decades, there has been a considerable growth in scientific research on emotion. The colour wheel theory of love distinguishes three primary, three secondary, and nine tertiary love styles. According to the triangle theory of love, "intimacy, passion, and commitment" are essential elements of love. Love also has religious or spiritual connotations. Love is unusually difficult to define in comparison to other emotional states. It is because of its wide range of purposes and meanings, as well as the complexity of the sentiments involved. Here are few Funny Love Quotes that follows:

Funny Love Quotes

Maybe love is making me insane, but I am not any kissing frog in a rain.
Funny Love Quotes 90
Love makes you stupid, but Honey I still believe in cupid.
Funny Love Quotes 89
If you bite your fingers while eating, trust me you are so in love.
Funny Love Quotes 88
Don’t be a woman who need men to love at all, be a woman who men crave for.
Funny Love Quotes 87
Sometimes I wonder whoever fell in love with me will be damn lucky man.
Funny Love Quotes 86
If you are planning to steal my only heart, then be ready to loose your surname.
Funny Love Quotes 85
You may make my life meaningful and add love in it, but you subtract my money from it.
Funny Love Quotes 84
I feel hungry most of the time but I love you, so allow me to eat you.
Funny Love Quotes 83
I don’t know the game of head and tail with a coin, but I know a love game, you wanna join?
Funny Love Quotes 82
When a boy forgets about his car, he is in love.
Funny Love Quotes 81
Womens love men’s who make them laugh and smile, because they think of them in a unique style.
Funny Love Quotes 80
I feel blessed to have you, but sometimes I just wanna slam you.
Funny Love Quotes 79
Talking with you take me to the places I never think of, because honey I am weak at directions.
Funny Love Quotes 78
Everything disappears when I look into your eyes, you must be big in size.
Funny Love Quotes 77
Like pizza needs mozrella cheese, you make me freeze.
Funny Love Quotes 76
When you are in love you do weird things, for example I forget to take a bath, and I sting.
Funny Love Quotes 75
Each day I love you more, but yesterday you felt like a bore.
Funny Love Quotes 74
I love you very much, but I still miss my dogs touch.
Funny Love Quotes 73
I think your body and heart needs more and more VITAMIN ME.
Funny Love Quotes 72
I love you more than my snacks, but honestly don’t ask me to give a proof.
Funny Love Quotes 71
We love many things still we don’t respect it, will my love in your life get fit?
Funny Love Quotes 70
Your love can be cured by tying knots, wanna try?
Funny Love Quotes 69
Is love at first sight real? If yes then I will pass by your side always.
Funny Love Quotes 68
If you lend me a hug today, I will promise to return it everyday.
Funny Love Quotes 67
I am a total waste, without you, because I love you.
Funny Love Quotes 66
I love you that much I have fats, because my fats are bigger than my heart.
Funny Love Quotes 65
Love is sharing a bucket full of caramel popcorn and enjoying sweet corn.
Funny Love Quotes 64