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What is the importance of fun in life:

 People’s health and well-being are improved if they are able to engage in activities that are meaningful and pleasurable and that health is a balance of work, play and leisure.

Recent research identified the essential components of playfulness in adults as creativity, curiosity, humour, spontaneity and pleasure.

Playfulness is an internal predisposition that enables adults to incorporate play in both work and leisure activities. Different activities can be pleasurable for different people and can also be pleasurable at one time and more of a chore at another.

They can renew people’s energy to meet daily challenges and often motivates people to increase their performance.

Relationships with others, both at work and in your personal life, are an integral part of whether life will seem manageable and enjoyable

Fun in relationships makes the  bonding stronger:

Life is not the same without fun. Whenever we express our love to someone, we don’t always have to look so serious.

When you mix your words and actions with a little fun, your loved one will find your moments together more memorable and special. 

Did you also know that for most women, fun makes them, and their partners, feel more attractive?

Throwing funny and cute words of love to your partner gives a whole new meaning to your relationship.

It makes both of you feel more comfortable with each other, thus, making the relationship last.To be with a person you adore the most already brings a smile to your face. 

 However, the funny and entertaining moments you share will make you crave for each other’s presence even more.We want to help put a little color to your relationship by sharing some of the funniest love and care.

Fun things to be done with family and friends:

Fun is a serious business for happiness and especially important for our close relationships.

Yet it's easy to overlook when we are busy with work and the practical demands of everyday life. And it doesn't need to cost a lot either.

As the pace of life has increased for many of us it's often at expense of enjoying time with family and friends.

But scientific research highlights the importance of doing something fun with our partner, family and close friends. It makes us and them happier and it strengthens our relationships, which in turn leads to greater overall well-being.

Positive emotions make us more social and open to new experiences and ideas as individuals. Experiencing them together makes us feel closer and leads to long lasting bonds.

Sharing novel experiences helps us and our relationships to grow and several studies have shown that it also increases relationship satisfaction.

So finding ways to have fun and do new things with your loved ones is a great way to build your happiness. So why not switch off the TV and find something new and fun to do together!

Funny Quotes

Ranga: This shampoo is buy given upon the any free item. Shop owner: No sir, Ranga: Your words are lie, dandruff is free right upon the shampoo.
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life is amezing and funny so that enjoy life beautiful moments and laughter with family and always be happy my funny friends
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We can put tools of machines inside a tools bag; but it is not possible to keep a school inside a school bag. FUNNY.
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if we want to travel without ticket what we have to do ? if you want to travel without ticket then take buspass
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Why did the physics teacher breakup with the biology teacher. because there was no chemistry between them.
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