Good luck Quotes - It is the most popular idiom that has been used by many to wish others to accomplish their dreams. In other words, it's been used to express wishes for success. It seems just a normal word but holds a lot of meaning. You can use it in many places. When someone starts a new business, you can wish him/her by saying good luck. When someone is going to join a new job, you can say good luck in their new job. It's believed that a small word adds luck to the opposite of who you wished for.  

Since there are a vast number of good luck quotes, it's easy for you to choose the right one. Wishing for the exam should be different from for a new job. We've decided to make the process easier for you. So, we've done the research, and we've listed the topmost good luck quotes for success on this page. Read the entire article and choose the best and suitable one for you. Good luck, and do it now!

Good Luck Quotes

Criticizing luck for failure is like disrespecting luck for success. the more you sweat the more luckier you are.
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I’m glad that you have come this far and you are close to victory. Wishing good luck on your future endeavors.
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A great man believes fortune as ‘the ability to determine his talent and to overcome hurdles’.
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Even when things aren’t your way take time to smile. Believe in your skill and wait for the right time. Good luck.
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Luck doesn’t always mean giving success, not getting is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
Good luck quotes 36
Today is going to be your day. For all the effort you have put so far, you are going to be deserved with success. Wishing you good luck
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Luck comes to those who are ready for opportunities. Luck is to those who are brave to accept challenges.
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Luck will come knocking at your door, and I am sure your life will forever begin to glow.
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The day has come to make your dream come true. You will be back with bright smile and success. Wishing you good luck.
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Don’t get obsessed with luck. Because luck doesn’t come in the absence of hard work.
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Important part of success before hard work is faith. Never lose faith. Best of luck.
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May success find the way to you, may luck stay with you, may you be blessed with all the energy and strength.
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Sending you a ray of good vibes and positive energy. May all that you do result in success.
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Give your best. Believe in yourself. Luck will flow in your way.
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Self-confidence is the best armor anyone can wear. Wishing you good luck!
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I never experienced feeling undervalued by my co-stars, whether it was luck or my willingness to consider different viewpoints.
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I'm not going to a horror movie, so good luck! I'm so afraid. It's probably just your busy imagination.
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People are only well-known for their notoriety. And good luck to them because after approximately a year, they disappear completely.
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People questioned our decision to sign Taylor Swift, a 15-year-old female country musician. Best of luck
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I have a medal of St. Christopher on me. It reads, Good luck, good luck, good luck - Mama on the back.
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Even movies like "The Ides of March" and Good Night, and Good Luck are actually just contained photographs.
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Best of luck in all your pursuits, and may you be successful in completing them all at once.
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Gnomes are said to be lucky in gardens, guarding against pests and illnesses. a Kitchen Witch-like legendary gatekeeper.
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The conversation is over. Their selection is final. Everybody respects it... I wish those who will now lead France luck.
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For the most part, we view good fortune as a right and ill fortune as a violation of that right
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In light of the sensitive and contentious nature of parenting, I wish all mothers and fathers the best of luck
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I never experienced feeling undervalued by my co-stars, whether it was luck or my willingness to consider different viewpoints.
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