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Good Quotes

Definition of good

In most contexts, the concept of good denotes the conduct that should be preferred when posed with a choice between possible actions.

Good is generally considered to be the opposite of evil, and is of interest in the study of morality, ethics, religion and philosophy.

How to be Good in Life :

Smile at those around you: It's often been said that a smile is contagious, and research suggests that's true.

Studies suggest that friendly engagement with others boosts happiness levels, at least in part because people are more likely to treat a smiling person better than a non-smiling person.

Help others:  Studies have shown that helping others has a direct correlation to individual well-being.

Taking time to care for others has been a staple of understanding "the good life" throughout time.

Volunteering to help others has been connected to a better quality of life, including increased happiness, self-esteem, health and even longevity.

Abandon the idea that life is fair:  Most of us are taught this as children, but the idea that there are guaranteed outcomes for particular efforts or personal qualities is a sure-fire way to live in disappointment and resentment. Let it go .

How to explain to someone the importance of being good?

Being a good person does not depend on your religion or status in life, your race or skin color, political views or culture. It depends on how good you treat others.

We are all born to do something great. Whether that be to grow up and become a doctor and save the lives of thousands of people, run a marathon, win the Nobel Peace Prize, or be the greatest mother or father for your own future children one day.

Regardless, we are all born with a purpose. But in between birth and death lies a path that life paves for us; a path that we must fill with something that gives our lives meaning.No matter how many people try to tell you otherwise, never change who you are for anyone.

Keep doing things for other people out of the goodness of your heart, not for the sole purpose to please others. It's so important to stay true to who you are in order to serve as a role model for those who look up to you.

Even though you may not realize it, you serve a huge significance in someone else's life where they feel as if they have been influenced by the person you are to the point where he or she only aspires to be as good of a person as you.


Shravana kumar

2019-05-06 21:55:44

Beautiful time is about missing the absence of each other waiting to meet again...



2019-09-18 21:56:57

Life is a combination of happiness and sorrow withstand it bravely. Life is a challenge accept it. Life is a struggle face it.Life is short enjoy it to the fullest core. Drip away from bad company join good company and live up to your commitments till the end.


baby sirisha

2019-11-04 13:24:04

Every day must not be a good day, but it will give you hope to do good things in a day...


baby sirisha

2019-11-22 13:03:18

Don't delay the today's work, do it first and then take rest. You feel better.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-25 17:07:47

Never think negative. Think positive and get success in life. You can do anything just keep in mind. Life is full if excitement live happily with great pleasure.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-26 10:06:36

Have faith in God. Never criticized others. Good personality always attract others to keep relationship. Give respect get respect it is simultaneously. Hope for the best.


baby sirisha

2019-11-28 10:04:00

Always make sure to be stronger than your failures and excuses.


baby sirisha

2019-12-05 17:10:26

In this life, every thing happens for a reason, if good is happen its a wonderful day, but if the bad happens its gives you experience.


baby sirisha

2019-12-13 15:13:59

If I am always funny that means I defer the problem or i have the courage to handle the problem.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-12-16 15:25:23

Always be positive and enjoy life with great pleasure. Have soft corner for someone and enjoy with it. Love is life never hate anyone.



2020-08-27 22:32:04

Any darkness that you experienced can actually be the light you carry that heals others


Ashish madhukar taware

2020-08-30 22:18:24

Lonely isn't a word, it is lifestyle.


Archana Dayal

2020-10-04 23:03:53

Relation that wants us is greater than the relation that we want. Welcome it with affection instead of need so that it stays forever.


Zeba Mansuri

2020-11-03 15:02:23

It takes time when you want things to change somedays you don't feel like doing it but you still got to do them because that's what you need to.


Zeba Mansuri

2020-11-03 18:01:58

No matter how much you love someone there are a few lines no one must be allowed to cross.


Zeba Mansuri

2020-11-03 18:07:44

Sometimes accepting things are better than fixing them.


Zeba Mansuri

2020-11-03 18:24:30

Simply hold on to your belief that things will change for the good.



2020-11-04 13:29:10

It was good if you were mindless, since the complications have increased, you have become sensible .



2020-12-04 11:05:38

Never judge people by their clothes remember even you born without the clothes


Ravishankar Yanda

2020-12-08 22:54:32

The more you work the more you create your own impression and leave foot steps for others.


Nisha Goyal

2020-12-22 13:22:28

If you do, don't regret it. If u may regret it, then don't do it.



2020-12-30 12:46:35

Life is sweet make it cute keep up your day and a healthy prosperity



2021-01-08 22:28:11

Shining bright like the morning sun in winters.. its bright and it feels warm..



2021-01-10 15:16:43

explore your possibilities of success by overcoming the inner fear.


Christina Paul Vardaraj

2021-02-03 12:45:09

"No matter how bad the world is, You should continue to remain good."


Shivani Rai

2021-02-03 17:01:19

Happiness is the purpose of our life at the end of life nothing goes with us what we did what we get everything stay here only our inner happiness and satisfaction goes with us



2021-02-05 15:37:30

Overthinking can be a single factor that can damage your entire life.