Graduation Quotes - A day marks a great milestone in the lives of youngsters. It is the acknowledgement of all their accomplishments and hard work with regard to academic endeavors. This day brings with it a spectrum of emotions from the happiness that comes from a sense of accomplishment to the excitement of the future as well the sadness of parting ways with fellow classmates. Graduation is a big and wonderful dream come true for anyone who is in school, whether it is college or high school.

if you want to wish a graduate, you can keep it simple and short or even write them an essay, depending on your relationship with the graduate and what you would like to convey. It's vital to recognize the graduate's accomplishments while also acknowledging that they are embarking on a new chapter in their lives. For instance, you could write a simple congratulations or add graduation quotes funny enough to make a new graduate chuckle, So, to wish them well, here are a few graduation quotes.



Graduation Quotes

Graduation is the other name of balance between responsibility and freedom.
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Graduation is not only the certification of a course but also life at large.
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Graduation not only educates us about the syllabus but there is lot more to be learnt from those excluding syllabus.
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Graduation life and fresher’s welcome is the most liked event in college life.
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Graduation life and ragging are very commonly linked, though it actually improves the mental ability of the student if done in a controlled way.
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Graduation life and excursions are the most enjoyable events.
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Graduation is generally the starting point of responsibility which continues throughout the life.
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Hostel life in graduation helps us to teach about different kinds of human characters, such as disturbing, loving, helping, cunning, snatchers, givers etc.
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Graduation phase is the days of greatest fun of student’s life.
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Graduation students plays an important role in making a film hit.
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Graduation and class bunk is a very strong bond, which follows all students except few.
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Many students find their books new few days before the graduation examination.
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Graduation and hostel life teaches us many lesson seldom found in books.
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Graduation degree obtained by many may be the realization, given by advice from some other source other than parents.
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Graduation with restricted money and strong ethical background, generally pass out with flying colors.
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Graduation stage gives both freedom and responsibility, generally financially very strong students often fail to take the responsibility and fail to complete the graduation.
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Graduation is never completed by irresponsible students, who goes with the external flow of life and forget the main objective.
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Graduation now-a-days is expensive and responsible students sometimes support their own expenses through part time jobs.
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Graduation opens the door for further education or job, choice is ours.
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Graduation is the level from where students has ample ways to make or break life.
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Graduation offers us the freedom as well as the responsibility, where we learn to take care of ourselves without strict monitoring.
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Graduation gives the taste of college life which is very different from schools with a strict discipline.
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Graduation degree was greatly honored in earlier days as very few people used to complete the degree.
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Graduation is the benchmark of education and can be obtained in variety of subjects.
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Graduation is a mark of honor to student life.
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Graduation level gives more freedom to students after the strict boundary of school life.
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Graduation studies was less of study & more of enjoyment in the very first year of graduation.
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