Great Gatsby Quotes - It is a famous novel wrote by eminent American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. The ideal Great Gatsby is almost similar to the famous novel Romeo and Juliet. It is a great love story of all time. The story revolves around the 20s in America. Nick Carraway, a well-to-do man out of fighting the war and looking to sell bonds. Gatsby hides a dark secret about his past and how he becomes great and successful. In the end, Great Gatsby is having a depressing end. The main message that F. Scott Fitzgerald gives to the audience is, chasing an unworthy dream will create tragedy. Some of Great Gatsby Quotes

Great Gatsby Quotes

No confusion can match the level kf a confused and fused mind.
Great Gatsby quotes 60
There was something different about him, because your personality is not any series of gestures which is broken.
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The way he looked at her is the way every girl wants to be looked by his man.
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Accident takes place when both of the sides are involved.
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If man has stored something in his dark heart then nothing matters, because everything has been shattered.
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Only one thing was running in my mind over and over again, you can’t live forever
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Gatsby believes in future more than the past, because the past don’t last.
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This all was a story of west, the middle west, and those street’s lamp slaying with some bells.
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He created the gatsby character to give words to talk about his father’s business.
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He had a smile on his face with a quality that can’t be ignored, it has reassurance in it which gets fit.
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The best thing a girl can be is a fool, a cute little fool growing in the garden called world
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On the second glass of corky, I just said you make me uncivilized daisy.
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My father told me once that if you want to criticize just remember nit everyone got the opportunity you have.
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People are so sophisticated here, I have seen that with my naked eyes, oh lord.
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Tom and Daisy create the mess, and then swipe it up with money and power.
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At their garden all the mens and girls transformed like a moth, among the crowd, party and champagne.
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The loneliness haunted me and others around me, the young minds are wasting the young night and a good life.
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A sudden crisp in your life and its all upside down, then you need to restart it.
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Past can be repeated, so be carefull when you are seated.
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Only busy, and tired beings are pursued by them
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Making a judgment reserved is a way to move towards hope with some scope
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I revolve around strangers to forget the pain of life
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He waited for the perfect time to kiss her, and everything bloomed when that happened.
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Understand the worth of a friend when they are alive, because you will regrett if they died.
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I was in curiosity of being in love but in real it was just a show.
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I couldn’t forgive and like that person at the same time line, but its okay if he feels fine.
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With growing trees and growing leaves, and a glim of sunlight, just like a movie, life begins again this summer.
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