Best, Unique And Great Quotes For A Positive Life

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Great quotes on love

Love is a great thing. The world is nothing without love. Love is like an intangible asset. So, it cannot be touched or seen.

The vehicle needs fuel to run. Likewise, every human born on this world needs love to survive in this world. Therefore, there are many different ways to propose.

Great quotes on love will also help us to propose. Many of them in this world thinks that love is between a boy and a girl.

There are many loves like the love between son and mother, father and daughter, brother and sister. Every human has a love for many things.

We can also share great quotes on love for our lover, friends, family, and relatives. Obviously, great quotes on love makes everyone happy.

Great quotes about great leaders

We all know about our great leaders. We all love our great leaders. Mahatma Gandhi – a great leader and freedom fighter.

Everyone loves Gandhi’s way of ahimsa. Not only Gandhiji we have other great leaders also.

For example, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh and there are many others. These personalities are really a great inspiration to us.

And so, we all love to follow what they have said. So, scroll down further to read the great quotes about great leaders.

We bet that these quotes will definitely inspire you. 

Great quotes on success

We can achieve success only through hard work. There is no substitute for hard work. Success will not come to you; you need to go for it.

Therefore, there are many great quotes on success. So, it will motivate us all the time. Nothing is impossible.

These great quotes have helped a lot of people to achieve great heights in their lives. So, we are sure that you will love these great quotes on success.

You can also share these great quotes on success to your friends, family, relatives and to all others. We bet that these great quotes on success will really motivate you.

Meaningful great quotes

Our life is very meaningful. So, we have all the right to enjoy our life till the end. We all love our life. Art is long; life is short.

So, enjoy your life as much as you want. Certainly, there is no one in this universe to stop you.

And there is no one to pull you away from your dreams if you are persistent. These meaningful great quotes will help to enjoy and achieve in your life.

Best great quotes for a positive life

1. There is no greater healer than love. It cures all the pain time has caused.

2. Life is not always about being great, it is also about being kind.

3. The great emperors and scholars have not been able to withstand the wrath of time. What makes you think you can?

4. Death is an inevitable reality. Great or small we will all fall prey to it.

5. The path to greatness is not adorned with flowers but scattered with thrones. Those you are brave enough to tread it, will reach their ultimate destiny.

6. What you are destined for is what you work hard for.

7. The empire of greatness build on someone’s grave is doomed to fall.

8. The moment you let out your deepest secret, it becomes the most lethal weapon against you.

9. Life sometimes takes a 360 degree turn. You lose everything you have worked hard for, you are back to square one. But remember now you have the experience of a lifetime in your armor. Be strong, start again, one step at a time. Success will find you.

10. Greatness in life is not destination, it is a long, hard journey.

Great Quotes

Just search for 'Comfort'. 'Needs' can never be fulfilled.
great quotes 10
The path must be right as sometimes we meet our destination in our way.
great quotes 9
We should avoid thinking negatively in life. As soon as we start thinking positively, we'll start getting success.
great quotes 8
One day I searched for myself. Whatever I found was mine but not my own.
great quotes 7
What if someone left you. Be so great that his world stops when he'll meet you in the future.
great quotes 6
The sweetness of an ugly face is more beautiful than a beautiful face.
great quotes 5
Nothing is easy. If you have to do something big in your life, you have to suffer.
great quotes 4
No matter the number of dreams you have, what matters is your dedication and efforts to make them come true.
great quotes 3
Unless we have the power to forgive, God's happiness cannot be attained.
great quotes 2
When I go, the troop will go along with me. This is not my pride but my faith.
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