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Success is short lived so one should never think that they have achieved a greater position after achieving a small success.
Great Quotes 109
All successful person have a story of ignoring the success and going on to achieve more.
Great Quotes 108
Never be satisfied with small achievements, it stops you from achieving greater ones.
Great Quotes 107
Great things needs dedications and great travels needs a heart which is ready to accept all adventures.
Great Quotes 105
Make the story of your life so great that everyone wants to listen to it twice.
Great Quotes 106
Have a handful of friends and the courage to live your dreams and you will end up having a great trip.
Great Quotes 104
Never try to achieve all together, proceed step by step.
Great Quotes 103
Great people are great not just because of their works, but because of their open mentality to accept everything.
Great Quotes 102
Motivate yourself in achieving greater heights in life, others are there to demotivate you.
Great Quotes 101
With every hurdles you cross, the efficiency of your work increases making them great.
Great Quotes 100
Great people leave their great works for you to learn from them.
Great Quotes 99
Never brag about your greatness, prove it through your work.
Great Quotes 98
You do not have to born great, achieve greatness by the works you do in your lifetime.
Great Quotes 97
Try not to let earning enough to pay the bills keep you from making a daily existence.
Great quotes 96
Life is truly great straightforward, yet we demand making it convoluted.
Great quotes 95
Continue to grin, since life is something lovely and there’s such a great amount to grin about.
Great quotes 94
Great unhesitatingly in the path of your fantasies! Carry on with the existence you’ve envisioned.
Great quotes 93
You just live once, however assuming you get things done great, once is sufficient.
Great quotes 92
Life happens when you’re in the middle of making different great arrangements.
Great quotes 91
In this life, we can’t do extraordinary things. We can do little things with great love.
Great quotes 90
Life is rarely great, and maybe it is great for the vast majority of us that it isn’t.
Great quotes 89
Never let the feeling of dread toward striking out hold you back from playing the great game.
Great quotes 88
You will confront many losses throughout everyday life, except never let yourself be crushed great
Great quotes 87
Life is a progression of illustrations which should be lived to be perceived great
Great quotes 86
Eventually, not the years in your day-to-day existence count. It’s the existence in your great years.
Great quotes 85
Love the everyday routine you experience. Carry on with the existence you love.
Great quotes 84
Try not to go where the way might lead, go rather where there is no way and leave a great path
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