Grief is the emotional reaction to loss, particularly the death of a person or living thing with whom one had formed a bond or affection. Physical loss is everything that a person can touch or measure, whereas abstract loss is something that a person cannot touch or measure. Crying is a normal and healthy component of the grieving process. however, it has been discovered that sobbing and talking about the loss is not the only healthy response, and that it can be damaging if forced or excessive can be harmful.


Risks of Grieving


Grief can have a negative impact on family relationships.Many research have looked into the increased incidence of stress-related disorders among the bereaved. Following the death of a parent, teens have a fivefold increased risk of suicide. In addition, bereavement raises the chance of a heart attack. Previously, it was thought that sadness was just a human emotion, but studies have proven that numerous species, most notably elephants, wolves, apes, and goats, have demonstrated grief or grief-like states upon the death of another animal.Because it's more difficult to study emotion in animals due to a lack of obvious communication, researchers have looked to hormone levels to learn more about mourning.




Many folks who are grieving do not require professional assistance.
Some people, on the other hand, may seek help from qualified psych--ologists or psychiatrists.
Grief therapy, professional support groups or instructional seminars, and peered support groups are some of the options accessible to the options accessible to the bereaved.
Professionals can assist someone in coping with and moving past their grief in a variety of ways.


Here are few grief quotes follows:

Grief Quotes

Everything that exists on this earth, its end is determined before it comes into existence
Grief Quotes 105
I miss you so much my friend, you didn't leave alone, you took all our happiness and our souls with you to heaven
Grief Quotes 104
Good people go down in hearts like this, that they become immortal even if they die.
Grief Quotes 103
When we lose a special person in our life, time seems to stop and dark ess seems to hide every light.
Grief Quotes 102
You left us and the flame of hope extinguished, the eyes are on the door of God, looking for a way for you to be born again.
Grief Quotes 101
It is a very unfortunate day, may God give you strength to his family to bear this loss.
Grief Quotes 100
The time'll be short and your departure will be unexpected, may your divine soul be in peace and get rest.
Grief Quotes 99
I came to know what death is, by separating from him, life was what was spent only with him.
Grief Quotes 98
Seeing your picture my eyes cry, you lived your short life in such a way that even death was shy.
Grief Quotes 97
Don't know when he turned his way while walking, it was very sad to know that he left us forever with his smiling face
Grief Quotes 96
Death is real and bodies are mortal, everyone know this, still it's sad when a loved one leave.
Grief Quotes 95
Let these tears flow away, they work as medicine in pain, The embers which are smoldering in the chest, they work to extinguish them.
Grief Quotes 94
I remember the love behind his every scolding, I remember every moment I lived with him
Grief Quotes 93
Life is eternal, love is immortal and death is only a limit, and this limit is nothing, just the limit of our vision
Grief Quotes 92
It's difficult but hold your grief, pray to God that the departed soul Rest in Peace.
Grief Quotes 91
Though no words can express his personality and no words can describe your grief, do not feel alone at all, you are very close to us in every thought.
Grief Quotes 90
In fear, No one ever comes to stay, no one goes like you went, I hope you could have stayed. You'll be missed a lot friend
Grief Quotes 89
God really wants to keep good people to himself, may God rest the departed soul and give you patience.
Grief Quotes 88
Even though now we will not meet, in every turn of life, learning from you will always teach
Grief Quotes 87
My thoughts will be in my future prayers, this world is subject to the laws of nature. Change is a rule, the body is just a tool
Grief Quotes 86
No matter how big the sorrow is, be patient, God always call good people very soon to join him.
Grief Quotes 85
Even though time has taken you away forever from me, I won't grief butI will miss you till the last breath I breathe.
Grief Quotes 84
The wounds will heal with time, but you won't return home this time
Grief Quotes 83
Though no words can ease your pain, but know that in you every thought and prayer, you are very close to them.
Grief Quotes 82
It is possible that at some point you'll feel alone, just remember that they also had hopes from you who are now gone.
Grief Quotes 81
Humans are helpless before God's will, may God give you patience and strength in the time of grief.
Grief Quotes 80
Life is a dream, it's only reality is death. So stay strong to cope up with that
Grief Quotes 79