Grief is the emotional reaction to loss, particularly the death of a person or living thing with whom one had formed a bond or affection. Physical loss is everything that a person can touch or measure, whereas abstract loss is something that a person cannot touch or measure. Crying is a normal and healthy component of the grieving process. however, it has been discovered that sobbing and talking about the loss is not the only healthy response, and that it can be damaging if forced or excessive can be harmful.


Risks of Grieving


Grief can have a negative impact on family relationships.Many research have looked into the increased incidence of stress-related disorders among the bereaved. Following the death of a parent, teens have a fivefold increased risk of suicide. In addition, bereavement raises the chance of a heart attack. Previously, it was thought that sadness was just a human emotion, but studies have proven that numerous species, most notably elephants, wolves, apes, and goats, have demonstrated grief or grief-like states upon the death of another animal.Because it's more difficult to study emotion in animals due to a lack of obvious communication, researchers have looked to hormone levels to learn more about mourning.




Many folks who are grieving do not require professional assistance.
Some people, on the other hand, may seek help from qualified psych--ologists or psychiatrists.
Grief therapy, professional support groups or instructional seminars, and peered support groups are some of the options accessible to the options accessible to the bereaved.
Professionals can assist someone in coping with and moving past their grief in a variety of ways.


Here are few grief quotes follows:

Grief Quotes

Grief is the waste of energy and time keep that away and enjoy each day
grief quotes 30
House become more sacred if people in home are more lovable, adjustable and truthful
grief quotes 29
Have a confidential life have power in mind to control Negativity and grief
grief quotes 28
People believes that love makes you weaker but the truth is that it makes you more stronger and wise
grief quotes 27
Sometimes the most sad situation gives you good lessons to understand your life better
grief quotes 26
Live in the moment that makes you feel happy, and stress free life
grief quotes 25
A good is equal to thousands of friends, have a motivational book with you to lead a confident life
grief quotes 24
Read a lot, watch a favorite movie , hangout with friends all this makes you grief free
grief quotes 23
Help people when they’re in sadness , people will help in your grief back, they stand as a pillar
grief quotes 22
Love everyone even they did wrong because, one day they’ll realize the value of you
grief quotes 21
Keep going high, live peacefully, live and let others to live
grief quotes 20
Grief a sadness a bad thing no one wish to have, so end that
grief quotes 19
Have a vacation, hangout, happy conversations to end grief and to enjoy life
grief quotes 18
When grief ends life begins, live, laugh and love
grief quotes 17
Death of our closed one bring us grief and never ending feelings of sadness, Understand that everyone should face death
grief quotes 16
Face the difficulties without fear, have the ability to face obstacles to lead a grief free life
grief quotes 15
Sensitive people always face much grief because their heart is good, people attack them most use their innocency
grief quotes 14
Have good peoples surrounding they’ll help you in grief gives you confidence and faith
grief quotes 13
Consistency is key to success, have patience, look the things clearly, avoid Sadness
grief quotes 12
Have a positive mind set get love from others, care everyone love them back
grief quotes 11
People will not respect you if you are sad and complaining, they love only happy and positive people
grief quotes 10
Grief a bad thing don’t follow grief rather make yourself stronger to fight with that
grief quotes 9
Keep your mind,heart, soul and body in control to keep you grief free
grief quotes 8
Live your life to the happiest even you have many problems that give away grief
grief quotes 7
A sickness, death and problems create grief , you must have power in mind to overcome that
grief quotes 6
Keep your thoughts high, enjoy each moment, pray to God to gave you strength to face the world
grief quotes 5
Keep your soul happy, be smart and thankful, feel good from inside, don’t belive nonsense talks
grief quotes 4