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Health Quotes

"Health is Wealth" is a famous saying which refers to the importance of health. Besides that Staying healthy is more important than anything.

Wealth means nothing to us. In fact,our health is a real wealth.

It is the necessary condition while wealth is the sufficient condition. If a man has wealth,he can have everything.

To put it another way,earning more money is good,however forgetting responsibility towards health is not right.

The loss of good health causes loss of all happiness. 

As an old quotation,"Where there is a health,there is a life.

To repeat, health is more important than wealth.

Good nutrition is the vital part of leading a disease free life. In addition to this, physical activities is also an essential part of it.

Staying healthy physically can help you stay healthy emotionally too. 

World Health Organization states the health as,it is a state of complete physical,mental, and social-well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The key to good health lies in a balanced diet with appropriate eating habits,sufficient rest and regular exercise. 

Here I want to show you the five major habits which will help you to stay healthy.

1. Eating healthy diet

2. Getting regular exercise

3. not smoking

4. staying  at a healthy weight

5. Avoiding alcohol and the like.

The youth of any country are the pillars for their nation. If they do not have proper nutrition and compounds,they can not be strong and they will die very soon. 

It is because that the appropriate consumption of food leads you good health and vice versa.

Some people like our grandpa and grandma are still in the pink of health because of proper intake of food. Such people avoid junks like oil items(Bajji,Bonda), Pizza,Burger and so on.

It is prime for employees to stay healthy in their workplace. Likewise, a fun, interactive and healthy work environment promotes long-lasting positive attitudes and behavior, 

Having healthy diet is predominant to stay healthy at work because a lot of people spend their time there.

Research also tells us that healthy employees are more productive,have high morale and less sick time.

In like manner,looking after the health and safety make good business sense.

There are many healthy foods in the world and we have to choose them and include them in our daily life.

Foods that will promote our health are,

1. Whole Eggs

2. Leafy Greens ( Spinach and the like)

3. Boiled potatoes

4. Fresh fruits and so on

Disadvantages of unhealthy foods:

1. Being overweight and obese

2. Tooth decay

3. High blood pressure

4. Heart disease  and stroke

5. some cancers etc..

Healthy habits:

First of all, healthy foods often controls weight. Second,it improves mood where the physical activity stimulates the production of Endorphins. 

If you stay healthy,these enzymes make you feel happier and more relaxed. 

Third,it combats diabetes. 

Fourth,boosts energy

Finally,it improves longevity. 

Health quotes about stress:

One of the quotes by Steve Maraboli, "You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway".

Therefore  stress may cause many problems and it will affect your health too.

To sum up, do some activities ,have a healthy diet and let the stress go away. Have a healthy life! 

Health Quotes

Eat less, eat healthy, pizza, burger never save us
Health Quotes 35
I love healthy environment, a meaningful silence and good food
Health Quotes 34
Some people thinks wealth matters but without health nothing matters
Health Quotes 33
I can change my health, I can change my mindset that’s my power
Health Quotes 32
Self care is most important, what others think of us never matters
Health Quotes 31
Value your health, many have money but unhealthy life
Health Quotes 30
Care for your health don’t let your health to control by others
Health Quotes 29
Don’t allow your mind to spoil, it destroys health too
Health Quotes 28
Be healthy don’t care for others, eat healthy, live awesome
Health Quotes 27
Health is more important than wealth, health needs care
Health Quotes 26
Stay calm, God will bless you with a healthy life
Health Quotes 25
Health is not only physically and mentally well being but also emotionally being strong.
Health Quotes 24
Health is perceived as freedom and creativity.
Health Quotes 23
First health tip is staying positive with abundant faith.
Health Quotes 22
Friendship is like health; we don't know its value until we lose it
Health Quotes 21
A man with health will have full hope. A hope can achieve anything in this world.
Health Quotes 20
Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy food, healthy surroundings are what is needed to have a healthy life
Health Quotes 19
Mental, physical and Spiritual health will give you a good thought for a successful life.
Health Quotes 18
Sound body in a sound mind can lead a happy life forever
Health Quotes 17
Quality of life not only depends on wealth but also depends on health.
Health Quotes 16
Meditation will cease all the fluctuations gradually and you will become identified with thee cosmic "SELF".
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Health is always a wealth. If you want to achieve anything you need to have a good health. With out health you can not grow further.
health quotes 14
Good Health is blessings from God health shows the lifestyle of people.
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Health is something that we cannot buy with the money but charity has the power to change the bad health to good health.
health quotes 12
"Health is not the dietary plan we follow; Health is the thing where we are out of mental stress."
health quotes 11
It is very good to maintain health by doing exercise and yoga and maintain good health. It is so nice that we think about our health and what to eat and what not to eat.
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Health is very important for everyone and enjoys life with healthy living. It is a god's grace that one can live a happy healthy life.
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