Heart break quotes to help you heal a multitude of circumstances can cause a heart break and the majority of individuals have experienced one. Heartbreak is never easy, whether it's a breakup with a significant other or the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, heartbreaks don’t come with a warning sign or a bandage to ease the pain but there are numerous ways to overcome it.


A heartbreak can be so agonizing that some scientists believe it is comparable to physical pain. It may not seem so at the moment but your heartbreak will lessen over time. Hopefully heartbroken quotes can provide you with some comfort and serenity during this trying time. As Miss Piggy rightly stated that only time can heal a broken heart. Just as only time can heal  broken arms and legs. It is very normal to experience a heartbreak when talking about it metaphorically and not about the medical condition. Almost all human beings experience emotional pain due to the relationships they foster during their lifetime.


Heart break quotes can inspire you to heal.

Heart Break Quotes

I believed the love that brought us together deserves togetherness. I never thought it will worth the pain that tore us apart.
Heart break quotes 40
I sent love and received pain. But I promise not to send pain to you.
Heart break quotes 39
Tears can’t express my misery; silence can’t explain my feelings. But I have only these both left with me.
Heart break quotes 38
I know it hurts to think of you, but I love the pain because it’s you in my thoughts.
Heart break quotes 37
Life moves on but a part of me keeps telling I will wait for you to hold my hands and never leave forever.
Heart break quotes 36
Goodbyes never said and explained are the most painful.
Heart break quotes 35
You are the cure for my sadness; your shoulders are medicine for my sorrows. It’s painful to receive it from you.
Heart break quotes 34
You are the source of my happiness, center of my mind and whole of my heart.
Heart break quotes 33
More than I miss you, I miss us. You whispered into my ears that reached my soul.
Heart break quotes 32
The promises we made, the dreams we lived, the wishes we fulfilled went meaningless. I’m nothing without you.
Heart break quotes 31
One thing constantly hitting me hard is, I wanted to disappear but deep down I was wanted to be found.
Heart break quotes 30
Healing is hard when heart is broken. Moving on is mysterious when you have heartaches.
Heart break quotes 29
All the pleasures you gave me was a memorable moment, but this pain will last a lifetime.
Heart break quotes 28
You proved me to be a real blind, because I trusted you blindly.
Heart break quotes 27
It’s hard to pretend like nothing happened, when deep inside you are broken into pieces.
Heart break quotes 26
I walked away, but my heart still stands by you. And that's the biggest hurt
heart break quotes 25
Just trying to avoid pain, people go through a lot of pain.
heart break quotes 24
Yeah... Sad things happen in life but it doesn't mean you have to be sad forever.
heart break quotes 23
No matter what goes wrong in life, you have to remain strong and never let your emotions down
heart break quotes 22
A war between mind and heart, where mind lost just to make heart win but heart end up to be broken.
heart break quotes 21
Everybody sees my happy face, but fails to notice the deadly heart over that happy smile.
heart break quotes 20
Once you were a part of my life, now you took a part of mine with you and broke the other part.
heart break quotes 19
I don't know what's killing me, the fact that you left me or the fact that I still love you.
heart break quotes 18
The best way to overcome heartbreak is to love yourself more than loving others.
heart break quotes 17
The saddest thing in heartbreak is we over love the same person who continuously breaks our heart.
heart break quotes 16
Breakup is usual but heartbreak is unusual, that's hurts more than everything.
heart break quotes 15
The pain of love will last for lifetime, so be careful on whom you choose.
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