Heart break quotes to help you heal a multitude of circumstances can cause a heart break and the majority of individuals have experienced one. Heartbreak is never easy, whether it's a breakup with a significant other or the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, heartbreaks don’t come with a warning sign or a bandage to ease the pain but there are numerous ways to overcome it.


A heartbreak can be so agonizing that some scientists believe it is comparable to physical pain. It may not seem so at the moment but your heartbreak will lessen over time. Hopefully heartbroken quotes can provide you with some comfort and serenity during this trying time. As Miss Piggy rightly stated that only time can heal a broken heart. Just as only time can heal  broken arms and legs. It is very normal to experience a heartbreak when talking about it metaphorically and not about the medical condition. Almost all human beings experience emotional pain due to the relationships they foster during their lifetime.


Heart break quotes can inspire you to heal.

Heart Break Quotes

The happiness of life has gone with him, now I live with my loneliness.
Heart Break Quotes 145
My heart was not a toy but she left me after playing with my heart.
Heart Break Quotes 144
Loneliness has the most loyalty, never leaves you alone.
Heart Break Quotes 143
He has not only break my heart also break my hope of living
Heart Break Quotes 142
Often having deceived in love people become intelligent.
Heart Break Quotes 141
Darkness doesn't live in night only, it lives in some people's heart also.
Heart Break Quotes 140
My heart is broken like that even the glow of moon doesn't feel good without him.
Heart Break Quotes 139
After breaking my heart into pieces she cried to see her name on every piece
Heart Break Quotes 138
Even breaking down it beats continuously, I didn't see anyone as loyal as heart.
Heart Break Quotes 137
Our life was also beautiful but love did such a mischief that everything changed
Heart Break Quotes 136
Hiding a world of pain in our heart, we are sitting speechless in your memories.
Heart Break Quotes 135
We passed from such a destination of love that we came to hate from the name of love
Heart Break Quotes 134
Desires are not written in everyone's destiny, some people come to the world for loneliness
Heart Break Quotes 133
When heart is broken nothing feels good in life, man feels alone himself even in crowd
Heart Break Quotes 132
The heart has broken so cruelly that I like the only distance from love now.
Heart Break Quotes 131
I have named you heart because since you have gone my heart didn't remain in my chest.
Heart Break Quotes 130
People said that my heart is stone but he has broken it like a glass.
Heart Break Quotes 129
Silence is not happen without any reason, some pains are so deep that man becomes speechless
Heart Break Quotes 128
There is very dark in the room of heart, now may be some dreams will have to burn
Heart Break Quotes 127
I am waiting for the last chapter of life, I have listened that everything goes alright at the end
Heart Break Quotes 126
Nothing has remained as before without you, flowers are here but there is no fragrance, lamp is here but there is no light.
Heart Break Quotes 125
Silence express your pain without saying anything
Heart Break Quotes 124
I wish that there may be someone who can understand my pain by seeing my face.
Heart Break Quotes 123
My heart wants to smile but the moments of past doesn't let me do the same.
Heart Break Quotes 122
My heart has broken by his departure yet eyes have a hope of his arrival.
Heart Break Quotes 121
The trust that I had upon you can't be on anyone else, heart is broken so deeply that it can't be being anyone else
Heart Break Quotes 120
It's very hard to say goodbye to him, who has given you a lot of memories.
Heart Break Quotes 119