The word derived from the Greek word Historic which means Finding out. Someone who studies the past is called an Historian. Herodotus which is called the father of history. An historian will use the some techniques to find what has happened in the past. They split into two types of evidences which are Primary and Secondary. Primary evidence is the evidence from the time, they could find the evidence from a weapon, painting of photos, idol, etc,. Secondary evidence is after the time that books, oral information and historical novels help to find the past. History is the both art and a (social)science.Time in history is calculated in years using BC(BCE) Before Christ (Before Common Era and AD (CE) Ann Dominic (Common Era). Time period in History can be classified as Prehistory, prohibitory and History.In the period of time there are no written records is called Prehistory. Archaeologist find the evidence with the help of dug deep into the earth and discovered the physical remains like Pots, tools , bones, coins, weapons , jewelry etc. Here are some of History Quotes.

History Quotes

History doesn't make us, we make the history.
History Quotes 120
The man with brave heart make the history.
History Quotes 119
History should be protected, it is very precious.
History Quotes 118
History has the beauty of humanity.
History Quotes 117
The emotions of patriotism can make a history.
History Quotes 116
The position of the brave is great in history, who have fight for the humanity.
History Quotes 115
History doesn't made by big talking, it's made by big works.
History Quotes 114
History is witness that you can't achieve something without sacrificing a little.
History Quotes 113
Make your history like that the coming generation may want to be like you.
History Quotes 112
History salute them who fight for the right.
History Quotes 111
History is the list of amazing works by brave men.
History Quotes 110
A man is like a rootless tree unless he has history and culture.
History Quotes 109
History is the witness that if efforts become habit then success become fate.
History Quotes 108
History can't be changed by thoughts and consult.
History Quotes 107
If you want to learn something, learn from the history.
History Quotes 106
The name of cowards comes in history so that the bravery can't be questioned.
History Quotes 105
The man who loves his work, the same is read in the lessons of history.
History Quotes 104
Don't make any mystery, do something that can be a history.
History Quotes 103
A positivity of man always learned bravery from history.
History Quotes 102
History makes awake the spirit of a man about the future.
History Quotes 101
Man often gets the wonderful lessons from the history.
History Quotes 100
A wise man gains knowledge from the history not from the future.
History Quotes 99
The country which doesn't learn from its history, its destruction is certain.
History Quotes 98
History seems interesting as long as it remains firmly truth.
History Quotes 97
The man who makes the history doesn't have time to write the history.
History Quotes 96
History can be written properly only in an independent country.
History Quotes 95
The one who fights in adversities the same becomes history.
History Quotes 94