The word derived from the Greek word Historic which means Finding out. Someone who studies the past is called an Historian. Herodotus which is called the father of history. An historian will use the some techniques to find what has happened in the past. They split into two types of evidences which are Primary and Secondary. Primary evidence is the evidence from the time, they could find the evidence from a weapon, painting of photos, idol, etc,. Secondary evidence is after the time that books, oral information and historical novels help to find the past. History is the both art and a (social)science.Time in history is calculated in years using BC(BCE) Before Christ (Before Common Era and AD (CE) Ann Dominic (Common Era). Time period in History can be classified as Prehistory, prohibitory and History.In the period of time there are no written records is called Prehistory. Archaeologist find the evidence with the help of dug deep into the earth and discovered the physical remains like Pots, tools , bones, coins, weapons , jewelry etc. Here are some of History Quotes.

History Quotes