The word derived from the Greek word Historic which means Finding out. Someone who studies the past is called an Historian. Herodotus which is called the father of history. An historian will use the some techniques to find what has happened in the past. They split into two types of evidences which are Primary and Secondary. Primary evidence is the evidence from the time, they could find the evidence from a weapon, painting of photos, idol, etc,. Secondary evidence is after the time that books, oral information and historical novels help to find the past. History is the both art and a (social)science.Time in history is calculated in years using BC(BCE) Before Christ (Before Common Era and AD (CE) Ann Dominic (Common Era). Time period in History can be classified as Prehistory, prohibitory and History.In the period of time there are no written records is called Prehistory. Archaeologist find the evidence with the help of dug deep into the earth and discovered the physical remains like Pots, tools , bones, coins, weapons , jewelry etc. Here are some of History Quotes.

History Quotes

We can create our own history, whether it is respected or hated.
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History is repeated after a certain span of time, it is also true for our universe at large.
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All natural entity has its own history, even God.
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History is created by few and studied by many.
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History gives a knowledge about the evolution of modern day civilized human beings.
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History teaches us that precious stones like emerald, sapphire and diamonds are created out of volcanic eruptions.
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History is learning for both, good or bad persons, choice is ours.
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History teaches us that truth is that triumphs.
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Historical epics gave birth to the modern advanced air crafts.
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Historical architect teaches us lot of the building technique adopted in the present day’s civilization.
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Historical pain gives birth to modern development, vaccination is one of them
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History can bring happiness, if we focus on the reasons of misery and eliminate them.
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History gives us the knowledge of the pain witnessed by our freedom fighters.
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History is the subject which is given least importance in our school days.
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History is the process where we discovery and rediscover things.
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History is all about making and breaking of civilization
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History is created by those who are ultimate devotee of their work, may be conquering.
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History is created by courageous people and not cowards.
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History helps us to improve day by day and build a better civilization.
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All living and non-living things has its own history.
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History gives us the knowledge of our origin.
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History is simply passing of the knowledge from generation to generation.
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History repeats itself, birth of a child, follows to adult and then again, new child, so do nature
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Life should produce something, so that history remembers us.
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History is the birth of the present, so we can’t deny history.
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History is the process through which we all have to pass through.
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History gives us the understanding of the evolution of symbolic language.
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