Good humor is also a valuable defense to its possessor against the worries and battles of life. It prevents him from worrying about trifles and getting upset with every misfortune. Humor is the tendency to look at things from the mirthful or incongruous side.  It is the quality that makes something laughable or amusing.  Humor is the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. It is the source of laughter and the catalyst of smiles. Humor is the spark that lights our eyes as well as the cause of tears that never grows old. Humor is a state of mind.

A person with a good sense of humor is naturally popular. People who are sour, irritable, peevish, and irascible are not loved. People are hesitant to establish friends with such people because they are always offended. However, everyone enjoys the company of a good-nature man, with his nice grin and joyful laugh, as well as his kindly and amiable demeanor.

Here are few humor quotes you can sent it to your good sense of humor friend

Humor Quotes