I’m sorry quotes to fix your mistake Apologizing for a mistake is one of the most difficult things to do. A genuine and honest apology expresses genuine regret and remorse for our actions. Also, as a vow not to repeat them. It entails admitting our flaws, accepting responsibility for our mistakes, and initiating a conversation between two people. When presented correctly and with sincerity, an apology can help build stronger and more trusting relationships.


When you say sorry to someone, you should express the regret you feel about your mistake, take the responsibility of your actions, make efforts to set things right and try not to repeat them again. "I'm sorry," or "I apologize," should be the first two words of any apology. Your words must be genuine and truthful. Explain why you wish to apologize, both to yourself and to the other person. Apologize only if you are genuine about it, as Benjamin Franklin said never ruin an apology with an excuse.


I’m Sorry Quotes are given below

I’m Sorry Quotes

No one in history has lived a perfect life. Have the courage to admit your mistake and be sorry for what you have done.
I’m Sorry Quotes 40
Forgiveness is a powerful weapon when used wisely. Make yourself strong enough and free your soul from fear.
I’m Sorry Quotes 39
Sorry can lower one’s pride. When one does that it means they value you more than themselves.
I’m Sorry Quotes 38
There is no mistake bigger than not accepting the mistake.
I’m Sorry Quotes 37
An apology can change the entire story of future. It can repair anything.
I’m Sorry Quotes 36
I admit my fault. Trust me for one last time. I don’t want to lose you.
I’m Sorry Quotes 35
I have made terrible mistakes, but now I have perceived a lot. I know it’s hard to forgive me, but I hope you will, someday.
I’m Sorry Quotes 34
I promise not to put you down again. Punish me with anything you want but not with your silence.
I’m Sorry Quotes 33
I am sorry for all the things I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you, it came out of anger. And I am completely sorry for it.
I’m Sorry Quotes 32
Apologies put in action are great. Start proving instead of saying
I’m Sorry Quotes 31
Sorry and forgiveness heals both the person’s pain. It’s a form of love. Life is short to be hard.
I’m Sorry Quotes 30
You are more important than anything to me. Our relationship is everything to me. Accept my apology and come back.
I’m Sorry Quotes 29
When sorry is truly meant, it deserves forgiveness. Forgiveness give you the new strong.
I’m Sorry Quotes 28
Forgive me for one last time and love me like before, I will show you how it feels like to be a king.
I’m Sorry Quotes 27
Apologies mean nothing when you repeat your mistakes.
I’m Sorry Quotes 26
Having a heart to say sorry is glad and I have it
I’m Sorry Quotes 25
Moving further is easy but I am sorry for not being with you in this step
I’m Sorry Quotes 24
I believe in repentance I am sorry for hurting you.
I’m Sorry Quotes 23
Don’t you know that one who loves hurts more, I am sorry I may hurt you but my love is true
I’m Sorry Quotes 22
I am sure from now I will not make you hurt please forgive me
I’m Sorry Quotes 21
I knew it’s hard to trust again but accept my sorry it removes my guilt.
I’m Sorry Quotes 20
My heart is feeling sorry for making you sad.
I’m Sorry Quotes 19
I am sorry for making your heart ache.
I’m Sorry Quotes 18
I can’t be like you I want our conversations back please accept my sorry.
I’m Sorry Quotes 17
I realised that I hurt you I knew sorry isn’t just enough but I mean it.
I’m Sorry Quotes 16
I am sorry please take me back.
I’m Sorry Quotes 15
I apologize, please forgive me I am nothing without you
I’m Sorry Quotes 14